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Amazing Festivals In Ireland Brighten Up Your Heart

Ireland is a beautiful country that possesses a rich history with a unique identity. If you have a chance to visit the emerald island, you cannot ignore these amazing festivals that surely brighten up your heart. 

St. Patrick’s day festival


Saint Patrick is considered the “Apostle of Ireland”. This annual largest festival in Dublin pulls out a large number of people from all over Ireland and the world. On this day, from hair, and clothing to food and beer; the beautiful green clover coats everything. Moreover, even rivers, memorials, and ski resorts are dyed in green to celebrate the occasion. On 17 March, visitors can experience a parade with puppetry, music, and street performers from all over the world.

Christmas Swim Day – amazing festivals in Ireland


Irish people join the contest every Christmas merely for fun or aiming to raise money for charities. Most of these swimming competitions will take place in the coastal areas where icy waves constantly clap to the shore. The contest attracts everyone’s participation because of the humanitarian values it brings.

Puck Fair


One of the most awaited festivals in Ireland is the Puck Fair which takes place in Killorglin in August. This festival originated from a legend among the villagers of Killorglin. A goat appeared and saved the villagers by warning of pillaging. Since then, people crown a wild goat as a temporary king and celebrate with plenty of parades, street performances, and fireworks.

Oyster Love Festival – an amazing festival in Ireland


Oyster Love is an oyster food festival in September. It not only attracts about 30,000 tourists but also gathers many chefs from around the world Galway for the 3-day World Oyster Opening Championship. While tasting a variety of delicious foods and the best beer in the world, visitors can take part in many interesting activities such as the Miss Oyster Pearl beauty contest or the Guinness Oyster award (Open oyster championship).

Dublin Horse Festival


Horse racing is very popular in Ireland and is also one of the main attractions of this country. Especially in 2022, a crowd of 25.000 fans has completely filled every corner of Leopardstown, enjoying thrilling racing and merging in the exciting atmosphere of the festival.

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