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Things Not Many People Know About New Zealand

New Zealand is a miniature paradise on earth. This place has always attracted tourists from all over the world. Coming to the land of the kiwi, you will encounter special pleasures only in this country. Here is the list of things not many people know about New Zealand but visitors should note down!

The lifestyle – things people not know about New Zealand


As a peaceful country, it seems very busy during the day, but when after 8 pm people are barely going out, only staying at home and going to bed quite early at 10 o’clock. In addition, people here can go barefoot everywhere, from supermarkets and restaurants to bars. This is more visible in the summer as you can hardly see anyone wearing shoes.

Behind that gentle and poetic life, New Zealanders love adventure and challenging sports. They have created heart-stopping, adventurous, and challenging games such as bungee jumping, canoeing, skydiving, tandem jumping, zorbing, etc.

The foods


New Zealand is a country with unique cultural interference, so it has created a diverse and rich cuisine. In Auckland alone, there are 900 restaurants, offering a variety of dishes from European to Asian cuisine. However, the vegetables here are quite expensive. You will have to spend up to 40 USD to buy a kilogram of lemon, 3 USD for bell pepper, and 10 USD for cheese. Moreover, New Zealanders love traditional food, so there are very few Fast Food restaurants on the street.

The education – things people not know about New Zealand


New Zealand is a country with a high-quality education system in the world. The education system is built to combine theory and practice flexibly so that children can develop comprehensively. In particular, moral education is highly appreciated, and plagiarism and piracy will be considered huge mistakes that can be disciplined and forced to drop out of school.

The scenery


Firstly, those who love the magical colors of the rainbow will really enjoy your stay in New Zealand because you can often see rainbows on the beach, sometimes even two appearing at the same time. Secondly, New Zealand also has the beautiful village of Hobbiton, the main setting in the famous movie The Lord of the Rings.


Another interesting thing, Baldwin in New Zealand is considered the steepest road in the world with a slope of up to 38.3m. Besides, there is the world’s largest zigzag line – Lombard.


In addition, New Zealand has an underground starry sky. It is the Waitomo firefly cave, classified as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The person who discovered this cave is New Zealand explorer -Lawson Burrows, after a long time of searching he discovered a small stream originating from the ravine. Lawson Burrows dived, swam through the crevices of rocks, and then he couldn’t believe it when he saw a beautiful colorful light of fireflies appearing before his eyes.

The Kiwi name – things people not know about New Zealand

New Zealand has another name, “the land of kiwi”, but many people mistake it for a type of kiwi fruit. In fact, Kiwis is the name of a flightless bird that lives only in this country. This bird is also printed on the 1 NZD coin.

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