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Don’t Do This in Canada If You Want To Stay Away From Trouble!

When visiting one country, not only clothes and budget but culture and lifestyle are also important to study about. Effective and appropriate communication with Canadians will help you avoid stepping on their toes and may even lead to some great opportunities to make friends with local people. Here is the list of things that tourists should never do in Canada which will help you stay away from the trouble!

Feed the wildlife – thing should not do in Canada


It is easy for tourists to encounter wildlife on their trip. And you may want to be generous and share some little foods in your pack with those poor animals. However, this action could be considered illegal and charge you a bunk of money for animal cruelty. Follow the sign “Do not feed the animals” seriously! They are not a friendly reminder. Your foods could contain some chemicals that are harmful to them. In addition, Artificial foods may increase the death rates and road accidents due to animals’ body barriers.

Underestimate weather conditions


When coming to Canada, visitors would never pass the mountainous expeditions. But many of them forget to check the weather forecast before exploring. It is very moody. You can see the sun shining in the clear sky then one second later, it starts to rain and be windy. So remember always bring with you one waterproof jacket whenever go hiking in Canada. Put them on if the sky gets gloomy and happily continue your trip.

Unaware of bearsthing should not do in Canada


Bears in Canada are active. You can randomly meet them anytime if you are in the country. Maybe at your camping sites, on roads near mountains or even in towns. So, it is crucial to study bears and their behaviors, not only to protect yourself from some fierce individuals but also for the bear’s existence. Whenever you go camping or do something outside, in the bear environment, please remember to manage your food, erase the odor of your tent, clean the dish and cooking tools, and throw trash in a bear bin. And only settling down in allowed areas, do not try to invade the bear territories. 

Not prepare for hiking


Hiking in Canada is one of the greatest experiences. However, careless hiking preparation can ruin your trip and may lead you to danger. You may drain out or be thirsty, be soaked in sweat, or freeze so bad due to a lack of supplies and special devices for hiking. Therefore, visitors should do some research on hiking packages, register for a training course, and inform someone your destination and come-back time. 

Forget to tip


In some countries, the tip is not considered important. But in Canada, this is a fundamental manner that everyone should imprint in their mind. It is a part of Canadian culture. Tipping is a way of showing your appreciation and also a way to help service staff. Your tip will not belong to one person who serves you, but it is divided up among the staff, for the chiefs never have a chance to show up. If you do not tip the waiters and they do not gather enough tips, at the end of the day, that person may have to use their money to make up for the rest.

Go out without sunscreen – things should not do in Canada


Especially for those who are going to enter mountainous areas. The more you come near to the peaks, the more you expose to the harsh sun and its UV rays. Even though it is not a windy and cloudy day, the sunray can still burn your skin, making it painfully blistering and swollen. So, carefully put on your sunscreen and prepare some other UV-protection clothes.

Compare Canada and the United States


Last but not least, never comment on similarities between Canada and United States. Canada and United States stand next to each other, obviously, they will have some intercultural features, but that is not the reason to compare them. Of course, no one wants to put their country on the table and be the center of some silly debate. Be sure that you always respect their belief, culture, history, and other unique aspects! This will help you to be closer with local people and may have chances to integrate into their community.

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