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6 Romantic Streets To Explore in Utrecht

Utrecht is rich in ancient Dutch architecture, with deep canals, small alleyways, and steep bridges! Some even refer to it as “Mini-Amsterdam.”

This is all well and good, but what if you want to explore the city outside of the center? If you want to explore Utrecht like a local, here are some more streets to visit.

Rotsoord Street in Utrecht


Rotsoord is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Utrecht. It has a long stretch of hospitality pleasures nestled along a lovely waterway.

The lovely restaurant may be found on the Rotsoord. You can eat Asian food while surrounded by an old warehouse that has been transformed into a colorful, lively, and cool setting.

The terrace is gorgeous and ideal for sipping a refreshing gin and tonic with elderflowers in the sun!

Prefer to sample more upscale cuisine? Rotsoord can also accommodate you! WT Urban Kitchen was once a water tower that was converted into a restaurant.

There, you may dine in elegance while taking in the greatest views of Utrecht. However, if you are afraid of heights, Het Ketelhuis is an excellent alternative.

It is housed in an exquisite old warehouse that has been transformed into a chic restaurant. Rotsoord is ideal for enjoying while being surrounded by a cool and modern setting.

Twijnstraat Street


One of my favorite streets to visit is the Twijnstraat. I enjoy visiting all of the small stores and being inspired by their various offerings.

Ekoplaza sells a variety of fresh and organic foods. I adore the spelt pasta, freshly baked spelt brownies, and the variety of sprouts!

The cheese shop is also fantastic, but be careful when you walk in because the smell can be rather overwhelming for some. The best part is the cheese samples hidden throughout the store; try before you purchase!

There are also several shopping opportunities, including numerous fascinating second-hand stores. My favorite is the one that sells used children’s apparel.

Voorstraat Street in Utrecht


The Voorstraat is pretty close to the station, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

This street is lively and full of surprises to discover. If you’re looking for some Aussie love, go to De Rode Vosch. They have a fantastic Tim Tam cheesecake and other Australian specialties.

Dogma Hotdogs is the place to go if you prefer something more substantial. They even have vegetarian and vegan alternatives, which is fantastic!

This street also boasts a Ramen and a Vietnamese restaurant, both of which are likely to impress. This street truly transports me to the heart of the city.



Amsterdamsestraatweg is on the other side of Utrecht from where I reside, but it appears to be on the rise.

There are plenty new hotspots to discover. The roadway is undergoing transformation. The move from mediocre to hip is worth noting.

There is a beer specialty store that is worth a visit. So many beer options- yeah, please! I won’t say much else because I’m unfamiliar with this street, but I hope you enjoy exploring it!

Europalaan Street

Europalaan may seem unusual to some, but it’s pretty wonderful! There are many interesting places to explore, all located uniquely!

Restaurant De Klub is a hidden gem at the back of what appears to be a run-down old school. It is adjacent to a brewery, an adventure in and of itself.

The employees are quite informed about their stuff. Before you make your major selection, they will give you a full description and a tasting!



Kanaalstraat is a nice street in my old neighborhood. It’s full of delicious aromas, commotion, and bustle.

If you’re looking for a brunch spot, try the Kebap Factory. They have a fantastic selection of meals that will keep you satisfied until dinner!

Kanaalstraat is the place to go for fresh fruits and vegetables. They have a fantastic range, and don’t forget to taste the bakeries- delicious!

So there you have it! A guide to six locations to see in Utrecht that you may not have known about if you are visiting from elsewhere. Have a wonderful day exploring this lovely city!

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