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5 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Second Safest City In The World 2022

Despite not being the capital of Canada, Toronto is one of the most populated cities in North America and is also the largest metropolis in that country. Toronto is regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world due to the sheer diversity of ethnicities and cultures present there, but the city has much more to offer. It should come as no surprise that Toronto is among the safest city in the world, given that it is a center for commerce, the arts, and banking. Here are some safest areas in Toronto and explain why the city is a safe city to live in and travel to.

Why Is Toronto The Second Safest City In The World 2022?

Safe Transportation System In Toronto


Although it is advisable for visitors to use cabs and public transportation when seeing the city, driving is generally safe in Canada. In Toronto, there are no known concerns associated with transportation or taxis.

Few Natural Disasters

Given that Canada is one of the world’s most geographically diversified nations, natural disasters are nothing new to Canadians. Depending on the region, tornadoes, snowstorms, and floods are potential calamities; however, Toronto is not in great danger.

Low Mugging And Terrorism Risks

When it comes to the risk of kidnapping and mugging, Toronto is regarded as a safe city, as are the majority of the country’s main cities. Nevertheless, it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings.

Since terrorism can never be predicted, it might happen in Canada. This calls for constant vigilance on the part of travelers.

Low Pickpocket Rate


In terms of pickpocketing, Toronto is rather safe. However, there have been reports of pickpocketing at cafes and restaurants, so visitors should exercise caution to reduce the likelihood of theft.

Safe For Women In Toronto

Travelers from both genders are welcome in Toronto because of its reputation as one of the safest major cities in North America and its extremely low overall crime rate. Women confront more security challenges since they frequently travel alone and for a variety of reasons; as a result, they shouldn’t be out on the streets after dark, especially near Parliament and Jarvis Streets.

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Less Scamming

Unlike other Canadian cities, where scam threats are unlikely and not documented, Toronto has some reported danger, notably via the Internet, when tourists buy tickets online. The website where you enter your credit card information may not always be safe, so pay attention to it.

Safest Areas In Toronto

Toronto has some areas that are safer than others. The safest areas, as well as those you should avoid, are listed here to ensure that your vacation is successful.

West Queen West


In addition to being the coolest neighborhood, West Queen West is also one of the safest. You’ll have a blast here because of the abundance of unusual attractions, the laid-back atmosphere, and the incredibly welcoming folks. This neighborhood is quite unique, let me tell you. West Queen West is one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods, according to numerous magazines!

A chic fusion of traditional building styles and cutting-edge cuisine can be found in West Queen West. Fashionistas, chefs, writers, and graffiti artists all congregate there. West Queen West has something fantastic for every taste, from high-end galleries to trendy bars. This is one region where you don’t need to be excessively concerned in terms of personal safety and violent crime.

Downtown West


The greatest option to enjoy a really central position AND a lot of safety at the same time is Downtown West, even though Downtown can occasionally be a touch rowdy at night with one or a party animal. In Downtown West, which is regarded as the greatest neighborhood for families, there are many fantastic attractions and well-known landmarks.

Since you’ll be stationed in the city’s center, it goes without saying that the extensive public transportation network will make it simple for you to get to all of Toronto’s other hip neighborhoods. Additionally, it is the location of Toronto Harbour, a popular destination for tourists who enjoy outdoor activities and nature exploration.

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Chinatown is a bustling neighborhood in the heart of Toronto. This vibrant neighborhood is home to the biggest Chinatown in North America and is a fascinating mash-up of eateries, stores, pubs, and cafes. Due to the wide variety of sights, sounds, scents, and tastes in the area, it is a place that will stimulate the senses.

Chinatown will be completely safe for you. The main danger here is being seduced by wonderful restaurants and gaining one or two pounds. In addition to being a popular destination for foodies, Chinatown is home to a significant number of low-cost lodging options, such as boutique hotels and hostels.

Top 10 Safest Cities In The World In 2022

  • Copenhagen
  • Toronto
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Amsterdam
  • Wellington
  • Hong Kong
  • Melbourne
  • Stockholm
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