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Cute polar bear is carried on his back by his mom in Canada

Even if the little feet belong to a cute polar bear, mommy sometimes needs to lend a hand to tired little feet in Canada.

It’s fortunate that this particular mother bear agreed to accompany the cub for the day. Even the coldest hearts will surely warm up after seeing these lovely pictures.


Photographer David Jenkins spent ten years capturing the bond between a newborn and mother, and this adorable image is just one of many he took.


After receiving a special license that is only given to the best wildlife photographers, Mr. Jenkins was able to capture the incredible images of the bears in the “denning area” of Wapusk National Park, Canada where the mother polar bear goes to give birth.

Mother and cub seen peeking out from their den – which will be their home until about March or April
This adventurous cub is trying to get a better look at the world around him with the help of mum
This mother looks a little less than impressed after her cubs turn her into a climbing frame

The children were discovering their snowy worlds for the first time as their watchful mothers watched, captured the 42-year-old Irish photographer.

But as if the experience wasn’t unique enough, Mr. Jenkins even captured such magical moments as seeing a mother with three surviving cubs, which is an extremely uncommon occurrence.

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