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15 Ways The Netherlands Holds the Keys to the Future

The Netherlands is not just the nation of tulips and charming canals; it is also the home of cutting-edge technology and creative engineering. We respect this tiny nation and welcome you to learn more about some of the accomplishments that make it a desirable place to live.

Floating trees


Holland is renowned for having a unique perspective on nature. For instance, these trees were planned for removal to make way for urban development. The trees were transplanted in a special way to save them from dying.

The world’s first solar-powered roadway is one of the most impressive Dutch technologies


The first nation to construct a cycling path constructed of solar batteries was Holland in 2014. The energy generated over the course of a day is used to maintain the operation of street utilities like traffic lights and lamps.

Greenhouses that regulate the climate

One distinctive aspect of the Netherlands is its use of innovative agricultural technologies. Crops may grow all year round in these climate-controlled greenhouses, regardless of the weather.

Futuristic residences


It’s incredible that this block of dwellings from another planet was constructed in 1984.

A device to manage dreams


Dutch neuroscientists developed a tool to assist people control their dreams and decide what sorts of dreams they want to have. However, using it calls for some expertise. Nevertheless, if you think about it, it appears to be a different reality.

A skyscraper that transforms pollution into an ornament


The Smog Free Tower is a structure Dutch technologies that condenses air pollution into tiny cubes.

Later, these cubes are utilized to make rings that people can wear to remind them of the pollution that is contained within the thousands of cubic meters of air they hold.

The Moses Bridge


This bridge in Halsteren City is distinctive because it divides the river rather than hanging above it. The name “Moses Bridge” comes from the biblical account of the prophet Moses parting the Red Sea for the Jews while they were fleeing Egypt.

A car made of sugar beets and flax sheets

This biodegradable vehicle was created by Dutch students using sugar beets and flax sheets. Only the suspension system, motor, and wheels are constructed of common materials. Of course, the engine is electric.

An air-cleaning backpack

Once more, this was created by Dutch students! With the aid of a fan, a backpack containing plants draws fresh air from the outside and supplies water to the roots of the plants. That sounds like a fantastic substitute for masks if you want to protect yourself from the contaminated air.

A suspended bridge for cyclists

The Netherlands has a large cycling population. Due to the recent construction of a new bridge specifically for this mode of transportation, traffic in this congested area is now less hazardous.

A road with lines that glow in the dark


“A roadway of the future” that can shine in the dark was conceived by a Dutch designer by the name of Daan Roosegaarde. It resembles an airplane runway in many ways. By the way, the energy needed to power the highway is stored during the light day and doesn’t come from any additional sources.

Self-driving boats

These robot-boats were designed to move merchandise and people between temporary bridges by using a number of boats.

An animal overpass


Animals may cross highways safely and avoid being hit by cars by using ecoducts, which are bridges.

Driverless vehicles

By the middle of 2018, a Dutch firm named Amber predicts that many driverless vehicles will start to circulate in this nation. These vehicles will be “trained” by actual drivers during the day, and will operate autonomously without drivers at night.

Traffic lights for fans of smartphones, Dutch Technology

The Dutch city of Bodegraven has constructed a series of unusual traffic signals. They were made specifically for people who enjoy constantly checking their devices. The only way to get these people to pay attention to a traffic light signal is to place it just below their smartphone. The new traffic light so resembles an LED strip that was mounted in the curb.

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