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10 stereotypes of the world that are completely wrong about Canada

Many preconceptions exist among Canadians – always wearing a red t-shirt, saying “Eh,” always being nice – and the majority of them are simply false.

As someone who was born in Canada, reared in Canada, went to school in Canada, and now works in Canada, my experience with this country and its people has run counter to many Canucks jokes. that I’ve heard my entire life

So I’m going to go over some of the more vile Canadian stereotypes and show how, as a Canadian, they aren’t as real as one might believe!

Everyone is nice – Wrong stereotypes about Canada


When it comes to folks from the Great White North, this is probably the most frequent misconception. It’s also something that I believe many Canadians would like to see come true. But it isn’t.

While I believe Canadian society is perhaps more polite than others, I do not believe Canadians are always “kind.” Some of the biggest jerks I knew as a kid were Canadians!

Winter is constantly present.


I’m writing from Toronto, Ontario, where it can be very cold in the winter, but just in the winter. Summers are quite hot, with temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius!

I’d even go so far as to say that everyone who thinks Canada is a chilly wasteland should know that it has a hot desert.

You read that correctly. The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia has a hot, dry desert. It doesn’t appear to be so cold now, does it?

Everyone enjoys Tim Hortons – Wrong stereotypes about Canada


Take it from someone who writes extensively about Tim Hortons: not everyone in Canada adores Tim Hortons!

While I believe many Canadians remember this chain fondly, it now becomes difficult to promote the great Canadian film without someone complaining about how horrible it was. If it differs from the previous branch bribe.

Furthermore, you can surely do better when it comes to quick food.

We are all immune to the cold.


Viral footage of people diving into a frozen lake in Ontario without blinking have given the impression that Canadians have superhuman cold tolerance.

No, it is not true, and I will be the first to say so.

In fact, a Canadian from Vancouver will groan more than a baby without a pacifier in the middle of a Toronto winter. I’d know because that’s how I felt when I first moved to the city.

People have become accustomed to seeing bears and moose.


Canada has some of the world’s largest and most magnificent woods. There is no doubt that our country is home to many lovely animals.

However, meeting them regularly is an entirely different story and, in my experience, extremely rare.

Larger animals is frequently found outside of cities and towns, and witnessing an elk or a grizzly bear is quite rare for the average Canadian.

Unless they dwell in a remote region of the country.

Every phrase concludes with the word “eh.”


In Canada, the word “eh” is commonly used. That cannot be denied.

However, there is a widespread misconception that every Canadian says that after every sentence, which I can assure you is not the case!

Although it is often washed away, it is not a necessary punctuation mark.

In fact, in other regions of the country, such as Vancouver, where I went to school, you’ll rarely hear of it.

Everyone is fluent in French and English – Wrong stereotypes about Canada

Canada is a bilingual country, but bilingualism varies by location. It isn’t easy to locate someone who speaks both official languages in some sections of the country.

Where I grew up in British Columbia, almost no one spoke French, and in areas of the French province of Quebec, almost no one speaks English fluently.

The majority of bilingualism occurs in areas where substantial numbers of people speak both French and English, typically in sections of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, the only constitutionally bilingual province.

Unfortunately, the majority of Canadians are monolingual.

Everyone knows everyone else.


In case you didn’t know, Canada is the world’s second-largest country by absolute land area. There’s a lot of distance between major cities and even little communities!

So, believe it or not, Pete from Toronto is unlikely to know your Vancouver pal Jill.

And Denise from Halifax has no idea your cousin Larry from Calgary exists!

Okay, so I might know your college acquaintance who lives in Winnipeg, but it’s all a coincidence!

Every meal follows the same pattern.


Okay, this is probably what some of us wish were true.

Poutine is popular across the country, but few people eat it regularly, and if they do, they have a much better life than I do.

Poutine is more of a healing meal than the main course for most Canadians. You can eat it every day if you genuinely want to and live the dream—a very unhealthy nightmare.

We are all hockey players – Wrong stereotypes about Canada

Not every Canadian plays hockey! We used to play hockey, but you won’t see us on the rink every weekend.

Canadians, like everyone else around the globe, participate in various sports both in the summer and in the winter. Hockey mania? That is a different question.

I can say that many Canadians enjoy watching hockey and that this may continue indefinitely.

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