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Cool koala’s laid-back charms captivate Australia and gain his legions of online fans

A cute koala’s laid-back was spotted adopting a sensual posture on a tree in the Australian wilderness.

In an attempt to entice a female of the species, the sassy marsupial assumed his most alluring ‘come hither’ position.

He was photographed relaxing in the limbs of a tree in the scenic wilderness of Queensland, Australia’s Gold Coast.

The laid-back Lothario went viral, with thousands of Instagram likes and social media comments on the herbivorous’s search for love.


Ross Long, a British ex-pat, was exploring the region when he noticed the gorgeous beast chilling in a tree with his limbs splayed.

Mr Long, a part-time photographer and risk analyst, captured some images of the koala at at the perfect moment.

‘He’s certainly positioned seductively, as if to suggest, “I’m ready for action,” he remarked.

‘There were other female koalas nearby, so I think this was his way of signaling to them that he was ready.’

‘He appeared to be more relaxed than a Friday night of Netflix and chill.’ Maybe this explains why chlamydia is such a problem in the koala world.’


Ross, who is originally from Cornwall but now lives in Manly, Sydney, said the koala held the posture throughout the encounter, making him the easiest model he’d worked with.

He considers himself fortunate that his job allows him to explore the natural beauty – and magnificent wildlife – of Australia.

‘I’ve never worked with such an easy-going model like this one before, it’s a pleasant difference from the material I typically capture,’ said the 27-year-old.

‘I’m fortunate to be able to travel around Australia and New Zealand for the majority of the year, which provides me with plenty of photographic chances.’

‘There is just so much variation in Australia; the creatures adapt to the landscape depending on where you go.’

‘It keeps things interesting and new.’

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