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Top 7 Hiking Paths That Amaze Your Eyes in New Zealand

New Zealand is full of spectacular natural sights. The soaring peaks at the backdrop have created plenty of trails for hikers to enjoy. On two feet, visitors will tread through desolate mountain ranges to see the hidden beauty of New Zealand and live in a fantasy. There are many sorts of wild paths. Hikers should consider carefully which one suits their fitness level and experience best. Then, let’s explore the top 7 hiking paths that amaze your eyes in New Zealand!

Abel Tasman Coast Track – best hiking path in New Zealand


With the golden sand of beaches and aqua-blue water of the sea, Abel Tasman Coast Track is an ideal path for those who love the smell of the ocean. You’ll get to admire not only the dramatic formation of shoreline cliffs but also have the chance to spot wildlife such as seals and birds.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing


Your 12-mile hiking trip will pass through the oldest national park in New Zealand – Tongariro National Park. The weather is moody, and the steps are jagged, but in return, you will have the opportunity to see the spectacular volcanic peaks of Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, and Ruapehu.

Mueller Hut Routebest hiking path in New Zealand


Mueller Hut Route is one of those great destinations when it comes to hiking in New Zealand. Your trek, over rough and steep terrain, will take an average of 4 hours to complete. You can spend the night in the red hut at Mount Olivier and savor the views of stunning sunset lying on ice peaks, glacier knitted rivers, and distance valleys. 

Buck Taylor Track Loop


This 4-mile run will take about 3.5 hours to complete. The scenery on the way is full of craggy cliffs, overgrown with tropical bushes. Follow the path that leads to Karekare beach,  the empty black sand is strewn with craggy rocks that are hurled by waves. Alternatively, cross the Lone Kauri Road to admire the majestic Karekare falls.

Mt. Victoria Trailsbest hiking path in New Zealand


The capital Wellington, home to more than 450,000 kiwis, is surrounded by semi-wild green hills. And the best of them is  Mount Victoria. Hikers can take the winding paths and tread for more than 600 feet to the summit, where you can enjoy the lovely viewpoint of bustle harbor and the sea sparkles. 

Abbey Caves


Abbey Cave does not have any walkways and is merely a wild exploration under huge mossy rocks. Entering the three caves will require some scrambling. But in return, your effort will be rewarded with the wonderful scene of glowworms on the walls and ceiling like the Milky Way.

Kepler Track

This route is constructed for pleasure. With lust forests, prolific birdlife, winding mountain ranges, glacial valleys, and limestone formations along the way, you will experience peace while walking on a flat road without worrying about slippery.

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