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10 Gorgeous Hidden Gems In The Netherlands Need To Explore

The Dutch are well-known for their tulip fields, Amsterdam, and beautiful waterworks. However, there is more to the Netherlands than walking the streets of Amsterdam and touring the museums here—there is more to it than these, and it is for this reason that Holland is one of the happiest countries in the world. Not only are there many tourist destinations in the Netherlands, but there are also many hidden gems.

Here is a list of hidden gems in the Netherlands that you should not miss while visiting. You go off the beaten path, and you’re in for incredible discoveries that will make you appreciate this side of the world even more. Are you ready to explore all of the unusual beautiful places in the Netherlands?



The Netherlands, like San Francisco, has Alcatraz Island. Pampus is located near Amsterdam in the IJmeer, which has a similar structure to San Francisco’s Alcatraz, also located on an island. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site once part of Amsterdam’s Defense Line. As part of the Amsterdam Defense Line, the island had two colossal cannons on the ramparts in the nineteenth century. It used to flood the city to defend it.

The sandbank was important in Dutch history even before the island was built as part of the Defense Line because it was where trading ships would anchor.

The fortress island is now a popular tourist destination. If you’re in Amsterdam in May, you should go to Pampus for Pirate Week. In addition, the island hosts an annual kite festival in June. Enjoy more than 180 kites on the beach.

Here are 10 tourist gems in the Netherlands that prove it’s Europe’s most valuable country

Posbank – Hidden Gems In The Netherlands


Heather can be found in the Dutch province of Gelderland, located east of the country. Heather is a lovely flowering plant that resembles the lavender fields of France. Heather only blooms twice a year in the Netherlands, beginning in July. The Veluwezoom national park is where you can explore heather and beautiful forests.

So, if you’ve already seen the tulip fields or missed them, you can still enjoy the heather. This is ideal if you want to do something different because the heather fields are breathtaking.

De Haar Castle


The Rothschild family inherited this lovely castle near Utrecht in the late 1800s. If you’re a fan of castles or want to see a real castle while in Holland, this is a must-see.

During the mid-twentieth century, the castle served as a “playground” for royals and the wealthy. Elizabeth Taylor would visit the castle.

Cycling Path Van Gogh – Hidden Gems In The Netherlands


Van Gogh’s work can be seen in places other than Amsterdam. In Eindhoven, hop on a bike and ride through the Van Gogh cycling path, which is illuminated to depict The Starry Night. It’s a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Glistening pebbles have been embedded in the concrete. During the day, they absorb light and emit color at night. Van Gogh was a resident of the town for a few years and used it as a backdrop for his paintings. If you don’t want to ride a bike, you can walk on the path.

Top fascinating facts about Vincent van Gogh

Inland Beach

Visit Henschotermeer to see the inland lake surrounded by beaches and lush greenery. This is the place to go if you want to spend some time at the beach. A small island in the middle of the lake is also accessible via a small bridge. If you are traveling from Amsterdam, this location is convenient for a day trip.

The Zaanse Schans


The most beautiful windmills can be found only a few minutes from Amsterdam. There are also small shops selling stroopwafels, a wafer cookie made of thin layers of baked dough combined with a caramel filling that is a must-try when visiting the Netherlands. You’ll also find almost every type of cheese here, and don’t forget to stop by the famous local houses, some of which serve as museums. This is a a beautiful place in the Netherlands!

Where are the most beautiful windmills in the Netherlands?

The Only Public Windmill In Amsterdam: The Sloten Windmill



The impressive city gate will welcome you in, which is a grand invitation you should not refuse when visiting this part of the world. This well-preserved medieval center in the province of Utrecht features narrow canals and small bridges that lead to houses. This is where you’ll find one of the country’s tallest medieval church towers, which you can also climb! Do you like Mondriaan, a Dutch painter best known for his Broadway Boogie Woogie? You can see his house, which is now a museum, here.

The Pyramid of the Dutch


Everyone knows that Egypt has pyramids, but the Dutch do as well. The 36-meter-high earthen mound, also known as the Pyramid of Austerlitz, was built by Napoleon in 1804 and is located in Woudenberg. The pyramid was inspired by Egyptian pyramids.

The pyramid was built in less than a month, but it gradually collapsed over time until a major renovation was carried out on its 200th anniversary. Consider this structure to be one of the strangest in the Netherlands, as it is planted with grass and topped with a stone obelisk. Nonetheless, the views from the top are spectacular. There are five hiking trails and three biking trails to choose from.

The pyramid was built by King William I to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, while the mound marks the location where his son was injured. The Pyramid is now a national monument.

Hoorn – Hidden Gems In The Netherlands


Hoorn is a quiet city that is not well-known among tourists and is a beautiful place in the Netherlands. The small streets and alleyways add to its charm, and the magnificent architecture will undoubtedly catch your attention. The Westfries Museum offers a virtual reality experience that transports you to the city a century ago.

As you can see, the country is comprised of more than just canals, museums, and Catholic churches. If you look deeper, you will find wonderful places to visit and hidden gems in the Netherlands. Holland has a lot to offer and is ready to be discovered. Dive into its rich culture and you will be amazed at some of the world’s wonders that can only be found here.

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