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Do Snakes Not Live In New Zealand?

Over a thousand miles southeast of Australia, in the South Pacific, sits the island nation of New Zealand. New Zealand is distinct from other countries due to its isolation from many animals, including snakes. Before humans arrived in 1150 AD, the islands were so remote that no mammals existed. As a result, the only nonhuman mammalian representative today is one species of bat.

Why Does New Zealand Lack Native Snakes?

Despite how absurd it may sound, snakes do not exist in New Zealand. There are at least one or two native snake species in even the smallest geographic areas. However, this does not imply that the nation is totally free of snakes. The yellow-bellied sea snake and some kraits go to New Zealand. There are no native snakes in New Zealand for two basic reasons.


The island’s climatic conditions are just one. Sea snakes cannot spawn in such chilly locations, even if they were accidentally brought there or swept away by ocean currents. The weather in New Zealand is unpredictable and complex. The snakes find it challenging to adjust as a result. Sea snakes and land snakes both require particular temperatures and environmental factors in order to reproduce. This level of stability or the requisite climate conditions is not provided by New Zealand’s climatic circumstances.

Second is the strict measures are taken by the New Zealand government have made this island one of the snake free countries. There are lost several native species in New Zealand during the past 1000 years, and other creatures have been included in the endangered species list. The government of New Zealand does not want snakes to enter the country for this additional reason. Snakes may be little in comparison to other animals, yet the menace and danger they present are very alarming. These reptiles have venom and could be predators. The ban on importing or keeping snakes as pets in New Zealand may be a tad much. Additionally, it makes sure that any snakes that accidentally enter the country are removed or relocated as soon as possible. Only 35 snake sightings have been reported since 1930. There is zero probability of seeing a land snake. Every now and then, sea snakes are seen. Other poisonous animals in New Zealand that can pose harm to the local species are also prohibited by the authorities in addition to snakes.

In New Zealand, are snakes permitted as pets?

The law in New Zealand is particularly strict when it comes to the trade of illegal pets. The importation of several animals, including ferrets, rats, and guinea pigs, for use in commerce or for the pet trade is prohibited.

Did you know that a zoology student in New Zealand was fined $15,000 for bringing in eight reptiles, including a snake? According to New Zealand law, snake sightings must also be recorded. For keeping a pet snake, a person in 2011 received a four-month prison sentence. The strict anti-snake laws in New Zealand mandate both jail time and penalties. It can be seen that the government is very strict in the conservation of animals in New Zealand.

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Which Nations Are Snake-Free?

Ireland, Hawaii, Greenland, and Antarctica are further locations that are entirely free of snakes, in addition to the tiny island nation of New Zealand. When Ireland was a part of Europe, it did contain snakes. But because of the ice age, which began around three million years ago, many cold-blooded creatures, including snakes, became extinct. They were unable to acclimate to the bitterly cold conditions.
The Hawaiian Islands forbid the possession of snakes. Since there are no predators to hunt down this species, its number can easily reach millions and, once it begins to reproduce, become a major problem for both humans and other animals. One of the other islands devoid of snake species in Antarctica. As cold-blooded animals, snakes struggle in frigid climates, particularly on islands like Antarctica, where the ground is always frozen. These deadly reptiles are not present in such areas because, unlike animals, they lack any particular adaptations.

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