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10 Best Leiden Museums Are Worth Your Visit

Have you exhausted Amsterdam’s museums and seen everything the other major cities’ museums have to offer? Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a small nation, Leiden is rich in culture and art. Without further ado, here are the Leiden museums that you really must visit!

Volkenkunde Museum


Leiden Centraal is very close to the Volkenkunde Museum, one of the Netherlands’ National Museums of World Cultures. Volkenkunde Museum includes items from several nations, including China, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea. Due to the size of the Volkenkunde museum, you should spend a full day there.

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave


Are you curious about the scientific contributions made by the Netherlands and how our culture has been shaped by this history? Your list of museums to see in the Netherlands needs to include the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.

The collection at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, which is named after one of the Netherlands’ most illustrious scientists, Herman Boerhaave, spans around five centuries and is assembled with the help of contemporary experts. All age groups can enjoy it.

The Rijksmuseum Boerhaave’s structure is both historically significant and stunning to look at. Since it was constructed in 1440, several changes have been made to it. It started off as St. Caecilia’s Convent and later served as a residence for plague victims and mentally ill people in the city. After then, it changed its name to St. Caecilia’s Hospital and became the first academic hospital in Northern Europe. Around 300 years ago, the museum’s namesake taught medicine here.

National Museum of Antiquities


2018 marked the 200th anniversary of the National Museum of Antiquities, so put it on your list! The museum’s permanent Egyptian Collection, which it claims to be among the best 10 of its kind, is its most notable exhibit. The entire 2,000-year-old Egyptian temple from the Taffeh town is included in this collection.

When it comes to this temple, we can all relax knowing that everyone who wants their cultural heritage returned to their country of origin will get their wish. This was one of the few temples that were endangered in the 1960s as a result of the building of the Aswan High Dam across the Nile.

The Netherlands participated in the rescue efforts when UNESCO issued a global plea to safeguard the endangered sites. This temple was a gift from Egypt to the Dutch people as a token of their thanks.

In addition to this permanent collection, the museum offers fantastic exhibitions about the classical era that let you delve into the past of Ancient Greece, Etruria, and the Roman Empire, as well as the only comprehensive examination of Dutch archaeology, Roman life in the Netherlands, and the Dutch and the Ancient Near East.

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Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden


Having been in existence since 1640, the Lakenhal’s building underwent a significant refurbishment and restoration in 2019. Some of the finest paintings from the Dutch Golden Age are on display in this museum, which also showcases the history and fine art.

The Last Judgment (ca. 1526–1527) by Lucas van Leyden, “Brillenverkoper” (ca. 1624) by Rembrandt van Rijn, and “Contra-Composition VII” by Theo van Doesburg are among the works in the collection. Visit their website to discover more about the history of the Lakenhal exhibition and to start organizing your trip!

Siebold House


Want to experience a little bit of Japan right here in the Netherlands? Visit the Siebold House, which has been restored with assistance from the governments of the Netherlands and Japan, a number of Dutch and Japanese businesses, and the city of Leiden.

The museum has seven distinct rooms, each with a unique collection of artifacts that the Bavarian physician Philip Franz von Siebold gathered throughout the 19th century.

De Valk Windmill Museum: The Most Beautiful Museum In Leiden


The De Valk Windmill Museum in Leiden is visible from a great distance due to its seven stories and 29-meter height. One of the last windmills from the 19th century, De Valk Windmill, was converted into a museum in 1966 following the passing of miller Willem van Rhijn. If you’re looking for fantastic photos, head to this museum because it offers stunning views of Leiden!

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Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden


Visit the Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden now (Katwijk is a beach town near Leiden). No, it doesn’t contain time travel technology, but there is a steam locomotive that is 100 years old waiting for you! It’s not a high-speed train like we’re used to seeing. You can enjoy riding this vintage steam train, much like perhaps your grandparents did.

This is an artifact from the heyday of steam engines. Since transportation has obviously made enormous strides, you never longer see trains like this.

So Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden is the place to go if you want to learn how things function. It’s a museum where you can touch, see, and smell things to learn how they work. You may bring the whole family there because it is family-friendly.

Academic Historical Museum


The Leiden University Academy building is home to this historical museum. Its collection, which includes a wide range of artifacts to explore through, is connected to this structure and the history of Leiden University. Everyone can appreciate the displays of the university’s and students’ rich history.



Want to pique your children’s interest in biology or gently guide them in the direction of the natural sciences? The CORPUS Experience in Leiden might be the ideal setting for you in that case. An eight-language audio tour that takes you on a “journey through the human body” may be completed in about 55 minutes.

A two-and-a-half-hour visit normally lasts in CORPUS Leiden, but make sure to reserve a space on one of the trips because they depart at set times. It is advised to come 20 minutes before your scheduled time because you will travel in groups of 16 people. CORPUS is one of the best museums you cannot miss in Leiden.

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum


This lovely home, which was constructed sometime between 1365 and 1370, depicts the tale of the Pilgrims’ arrival in Leiden and the founding of New England. A collection of maps from the 16th and 17th centuries will allow you to learn about historic figures and significant events.

You will be able to observe the Pilgrims’ daily lives in Leiden, as well as how the kids interacted with one another and learned. Want to learn more about their past so you can impress your visitors when you do go?

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