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Bay Of Fires Tasmania: One Of The World’s Hottest Travel Destinations

When it was listed among Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Places to Visit in the World in 2015, Tasmania’s Bay of Fires gained attention from travelers around the world. However, Tasmanians have long regarded the Bay of Fires as one of the nation’s most picturesque locations. Here is an ultimate guide to the Bay Of Fires Tasmania for visitors.

Bay Of Fires Is Not To Be Missed During Your Tasmanian Holiday!

The Bay of Fires should not be missed during your trip to Tasmania because it is home to what is regarded as one of the world’s most stunning beaches. There is a reason why it was dubbed the world’s hottest tourism destination by “Lonely Planet.”


The Bay of Fires is situated on Tasmania’s northeastern coast. From Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north, it has a stunning coastline that runs for more than 50 kilometers. The southern end of the bay is a conservation area, while the northern portion is a part of Mount William National Park. Ansons Bay separates the southern and northern edges of the conservation area’s three portions. This well-known conservation reserve, which has been drawing tourists for years, is actually a series of breathtakingly magnificent beaches, separated from one another by lagoons and rocky bluffs.

This idyllic area, known for its orange lichen-covered granite boulders, powder-white sand, and blue waters, is a great site to take in the breathtaking views and have a dreamlike walk along the beach. The Bay of Fires has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most pristine natural wonders thanks to its magnificently isolated beaches and inlets, a sight to behold.

Where Does The Name ” Bay Of Fires” Come From?

Captain Tobias Furneaux, who was sailing by in 1773 and saw Aboriginal fires illuminating the coastline, giving the Bay its famous name. Shell and bone mounds (middens), remnants of these early Tasmanian settlers, are scattered throughout the grass. The bright orange lichen that grows on the granite stones lining the bay may also bear the same name.

Why Are The Rocks At The Bay Of Fires Orange?


The lichens, a mixture of algae and fungi, are responsible for the orange hue of the ochre stones strewn throughout the Bay of Fires coastline. The orange color of the boulders is a result of the symbiotic relationship between these life forms.

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Getting To The Bay Of Fires In Tasmania

You must go towards the town of St Helens, which is situated about 165 kilometers from Launceston or 252 kilometers from Hobart, in order to reach the Bay of Fires region. The largest city on Tasmania’s east coast is called St Helens. You can restock food, buy water, dispose of trash, and schedule excursions and activities in the Bay of Fires here.

You can reach the Bay of Fires from St. Helens by traveling toward Binalong Bay on either Reids Road, C849, or Binalong Bay Road, C850 (sealed road) (unsealed road). The main sealed road (C850) was shut down due to flooding when we came. We had no choice except to access the coast via the detour’s unpaved route.

But don’t worry. We had no issues driving our large van on this reasonably well-maintained road.

A small township called Binalong Bay is located in the Bay of Fires region. Along the coast north of Binalong Bay, along Gardens Road, you may find the majority of the fantastic campgrounds, white sand beaches, breathtaking rock pools, and other attractions, activities, and things to do (C848).

Wonderful Things To See And Do In Bay Of Fires Tasmania

Visit The Gardens In The Bay Of Fires


The Gardens is where the sealed road that travels north from Binalong Bay comes to an end. People frequently pause there to take in the view of the coast. The Gardens features one of the Bay of Fires’ most exquisite beaches, Fancy Reef, as well as bird nesting areas.

Compared to the beach further south, this one is flatter and cleaned. Large private ranches with horses grazing adjacent to the ocean are also common.

Walk In Bay Of Fires Tasmania


A multi-day hike would traverse the 50-kilometer Bay of Fires shoreline on foot. Fortunately, there are a few trustworthy tour companies operating nearby that provide walking tours that take visitors to the best locations.

I’d advise renting a car if you want to go on independent, self-guided walks around some of the Bay of Fires’ top attractions. In this manner, you can drive to the majority of the locations and take strolls down the coast.

Some of my favorite quick walks in the Bay of Fires are:

  • Rock-hopping from Swimcart Beach to Sloop Reef
  • Walking the stretch of Taylors beach to the Gardens
  • Bay of Fires Coastal Walk north of The Gardens

The majority of these tracks aren’t recognized as “trails” and aren’t listed on maps or in travel guides. However, if you pay attention to the locations marked on the map, you can quickly locate fantastic walking paths along the coast.

See The Sunset In Bay Of Fires, Tasmania


One of the best things to do in Bays Of Fire is to see the sunset! There are several explanations for why this location is a good fit for its name. We witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets in our lives in the Bay of Fires!

Swim And Photograph Incredible Orange Rock Pools


There are some gorgeous rock pools with crystal-clear water in the Bay of Fires, as you may have discovered if you’ve browsed social media for images of the area. There are many wonderful locations to find, and they are all great for swimming and taking pictures.

I advise simply driving the entire length of the coast, stopping at the several pull-over areas to access the beach and headlands. You’ll soon see that ochre-colored rocks surround countless lovely rock ponds.

Surfing In Beautiful Beaches

You’ve undoubtedly already realized that the Bay of Fires has a number of breathtaking beaches. Checking them out is among the top things to do nearby.

We discovered that Cozy Corner and Swimcart Beach both had excellent surf breakers. In the Bay of Fires, further notable beaches include:

  • Jeanneret Beach
  • Taylors Beach
  • Fancy Reef Beach
  • Suicide Beach

Camping In Bay Of Fires Tasmania


Most camping grounds in the Bay of Fires are free. There are also a ton of options, from secluded camping near the lagoons to sandy seaside places. Free camping areas in the Bay Of Fires include:

  • Dora Point
  • Sloop Reef
  • Grants Lagoon

Some Helpful Tips For You

Firstly, stock up on food and supplies in St Helens before you get to Binalong Bay because there won’t be anything available there.

Secondly, at St Helens Recreation Grounds, there are drinking water and black water disposal stations.

Besides, The Bay of Fires does not require a National Parks Pass to be used. However, since this area is part of Mount William National Park, you will need to purchase a pass if you intend to travel farther north past Ansons Bridge.

Next, on weekends, try to arrive early because the better campgrounds tend to book up quickly.

Last but not least, sandflies and mosquitoes can be particularly bad after sunset, so bring insect repellent.

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