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10 Most Breathtaking Islands in Africa With Tropical Vibes

The list of the top African islands to visit demonstrates how incredibly fortunate the east coast of Africa is to have so many amazing islands. The Indian Ocean’s warm, ultramarine waters splash over each of them. Here is a list of 10 of the most breathtaking African islands in the Indian Ocean that you absolutely must see at least once in your lifetime.

1. Cape Verde Islands


One of the major islands off the west coast of Africa is Cape Verde, which makes for a wonderful vacation destination. Sal is the area of the island with the most tourists because it is thought of as a stylish island. Sal is also among the top ten most stunning islands in the African archipelago. This location, which is prominent on the map of the West African islands, is a must-see for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the vibrant African culture while they are there.

The Portuguese word “Sal,” which means salt, perfectly describes the region’s reputation for its expansive, white beaches. Due to its ease of access and convenience compared to other islands, Sal has grown in popularity. The major town of the lovely island of Sal, Santa Maria, is decorated with lovely buildings in pastel hues.

Additionally, there are several choices for bars, restaurants, live performances, and music. Sal’s nightlife is similarly vibrant and brimming with life. One of the best islands in Africa for a honeymoon is Cape Verde.

2. São Tomé and Príncipe


The largest and most famous island of São Tomé and Príncipe is So Tomé Island. Portuguese is a language that a large portion of the local population uses. This island, which is off the west coast of Central Africa, is well-liked by tourists because it offers opportunities for risk-taking activities.

Go snorkelling in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean if you want to experience an adrenaline rush. Don’t forget to take some time to stroll through the fishermen’s village and observe the birds while you’re there. Try some of the finest chocolates and coffee the world has to offer as an alternative activity.

Therefore, you and your loved ones should visit this island if you yearn for new perspectives and a change of scenery. The Lost World of São Tomé and Príncipe is fantastic.

3. Comoros


Off Africa’s east coast is the unassuming island nation of Comoros. One of the most major East African islands, Comoros, will make peace and serenity lovers very happy. Additionally, Comoros is home to stunning snorkelling reefs, lush jungles, and a wonderful fusion of Swahili and Arabian culture.

The smallest of the three principal African islands that make up Comoros is Mohéli, often known as Mwali. Mohéli is less populated and wild. The only national park in Comoros is Mohéli Marine Park. Mohéli, popularly known as the island of nature, values ecotourism. You will undoubtedly be enchanted by the endearing people as well as the purity and freshness of Mohéli.

4. Madagascar


The largest island in the archipelago, Nosy Be, is a popular travel destination in Madagascar. Despite being a small island, it has already drawn numerous travellers from all over the world. The island of Madagascar, which located off the coast of Mozambique, is marked on the East African island map.

Madagascar, which is also regarded as the fourth-largest island in the world, has a wide variety of unusual plants and animals. Nearly 90% of Madagascar’s whole biodiversity is thought to be unique to the island nation.

A trip to the well-known island of Nosy Be in Madagascar is highly recommended. In the village of Nosy Be by the Indian Ocean, there are upscale eateries, lodging options, and retail stores as well. Despite all the activities, the exotic island still manages to keep its calm, peace, and clear turquoise waters. The seafood in the eateries is delectable and worth indulging in.

5. Mauritius


The islands of Mauritius, Rodriguez, St. Brandon, and Agaléga are all part of the archipelago that makes up the Republic of Mauritius. African, European, and Indian influences can all be found in Mauritius. One of the most popular honeymoon destinations is Mauritius.

Numerous African island beach resorts are available in Mauritius, along with breathtaking coastlines. Additionally, it is a top-notch location for pursuits like scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. Many different types of mammals, birds, and plants can be found in the deep islands.

6. Seychelles


The Seychelles archipelago, which is located east of Kenya, is home to 115 idyllic islands. Comparing Seychelles to the other independent African nations, it has the smallest population.

The island’s beautiful sand beaches, clear waters for diving and snorkelling, and unusual fauna, including the Aldabra giant tortoise and pelagic seabirds, all lure tourists. The food of the Seychelles is a must-try since it beautifully combines elements from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Seychelles is a great destination for honeymooning couples due to the rise of luxury resorts.

You’ll want to return again and again after seeing Praslin, the second-largest island in the Seychelles, an African nation. Previously, Praslin served as a haven for Arab traders and even pirates, but today it is a popular vacation spot with a number of hotels and beach resorts on African islands.

7. Tunisia Island


Djerba, one of the most significant North African islands, is located in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of South Tunisia and is seen on the map of North African islands. Due to its fine-sand beaches, an abundance of sporting opportunities, and excellent dining establishments, Djerba is very well-liked by tourists. The animated beach is not the only thing that can be found if one ventures a little farther. Tourists are particularly fascinated by Djerba’s distinctive culture and traditions.

8. Seal Island


There are several seal colonies all around the southern African islands’ coastlines, which offer an endless array of chances to take seal expeditions. Take in the grandeur of the seaside while enjoying the aquatic life on Seal Island.

Beautiful golden beaches and the crystal-clear Indian Ocean may be found along South Africa’s coastline. You can visit one of the seal islands nearby Cape Town to see a variety of African seals. The Cape Fur seals are the most well-known.

Zanzibar, Reunion, Lamu Island, Pemba, and Rodden Island are some further breathtaking islands in southern Africa. Travelling to these locations will allow you to continue exploring after visiting the greatest African islands mentioned above. There are so many amazing and breathtaking islands in Africa.

9. Zanzibar


Off the coast of Tanzania sits Zanzibar Island, also known as Unguja, which is the largest island in Africa. This African gem, which has served as an important trading hub for ages, is more of an amalgam of African, Indian, and Arab elements, which are strongly represented in its distinctive culture.

The Old Fort of Zanzibar, Changuu, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Mnemba Island, and Stone Town are some of the top Zanzibar tourist attractions. There are also quaint bazaars, mosques, courtyards, and breathtaking white sand beaches in this location.

10. Lamu Island


The odd Old Town, Lamu Island’s central town centre, is a well-known feature of this Kenyan archipelago. The Lamu Old Town has distinctive characteristics, in addition to being one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili villages in East Africa. The homes in this hamlet have verandas, interior courtyards, and elaborately carved wooden doors.

The village is primarily composed of coral stone and mangrove wood. This picturesque location on the map of the East African islands is made even more interesting by the fact that there are no roads on the island. Therefore, you hardly ever see any vehicles. There are only a few pedestrian paths and alleys here.

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