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10 Most Attractive Destinations in Gouda You Must Know

The city of Gouda, which is well-known for its delicious cheese, is situated near The Hague and Rotterdam in the western part of the Netherlands. Let’s investigate the top activities in Gouda.

1. Gouda Cheese Market


Gouda is well known for producing cheese, and the delicious combination that is served there is known worldwide.

The Gouda Cheese Market is a true spectacle and a joy to behold, held every Thursday morning in the grand setting of Markt Square.

Deals are negotiated between farmers and merchants, and vast quantities of cheese are bought and sold.

The cheese wheels are on display in the middle of the square, and the colours are vibrant—various tones of orange and yellow mixed with the aroma of cheese.

Of course, you can try some of the renowned cheese and observe the wheels being weighed.

You can enjoy the artistry and spectacle even if you don’t like this kind of food.

2. Church of St. John


This magnificent church, which is devoted to John the Baptist and is located in the heart of Gouda, is well-known throughout the nation for its architecture and stunning stained glass windows.

The church, which was built in the fifteenth century, has undergone numerous renovations throughout the years, but its stained glass windows have held up.

The interior of this church, which is the longest in the Netherlands, is adorned with numerous stone columns and auxiliary arches.

As previously said, the multitude of stained glass windows is the true delight. There are two layers of windows, and each frame features a unique representation.

Jesus’ baptism and the Last Supper are two notable windows; the colours and intricacy are truly amazing.

3. Gouda Stadhuis


This famous structure is a landmark of the city and stands up in the middle of Markt Plaza.

One of the oldest town halls in the Netherlands was built in 1448, and it boasts a lovely Gothic design.

The building’s front façade boasts numerous pointed turrets, spikes, and arched windows, in addition to numerous stone statues of significant figures from Dutch history.

There are a number of bell chimes that ring every hour on either side of the town hall.

Additionally, the Stadhuis’ facade is illuminated in a variety of colours at night, and light performances occasionally take place there.

4. Markt Square


Gouda’s bustling market square, which is home to various historic structures, continues to be the city’s hub of activity.

The square is surrounded by a variety of stores, eateries, and cafes.

The Markt Square in Gouda is a great site to start your trip and from there, you may explore the entire city.

Three ancient structures in or near the square—St. John’s church, the Goudse Hout, and the Stadhuis—should unquestionably be on your itinerary.

There are still historic markets hosted here, the most significant of which is the Dutch cheese market, which is well-known worldwide.

5. Kaasboerderij Jongenhoeve


It is advisable to visit the Kaasboerderij Jongenhoeve, a working cheese farm situated south of Gouda close to the De Lek River, in order to fully comprehend the significance and history of Gouda cheese.

This cheese farm offers a rustic and traditional vibe that is absent from the touristy city centres of contemporary towns.

You may take one of the farm’s guided tours, which is a fun experience that includes watching a number of educational videos, learning how cheese is manufactured, admiring the stunning cows and calf contributors, and tasting some of the farm’s top fresh vegetables.

Don’t forget to stop by the farm store and get some real cheese or other trinkets.

6. Museum Gouda


This museum is yet another beautiful structure that can be found on Market Square, next to St. John’s Church.

Hosted inside the Arti Legi structure, which was built in 1874 and was formerly a school.

A stunning collection of 1800s-era pottery and a sizable porcelain show can be found inside the museum.

There is also a fantastic collection of artwork from different eras, including ceramics, paintings, and sculptures.

A collection of religious artefacts and artwork, such as altarpieces and plans for stained-glass windows, is also available.

7. Goudse Hout


The Goodse Hout or Goudse Wood is a wonderful spot to explore for individuals who appreciate the outdoors and the natural world.

A big public parking lot is located at the southern end of the woods, which are located in the eastern part of Gouda near to a significant portion of waterways.

You can find walking and cycling trails, a riding stable, and a number of tiny lakes on the recovered park’s grounds.

Hire a bike or hit the trails on foot and enjoy the outdoors while looking for wildlife and taking in the surrounding surroundings.

8. Molen De Roode Leeuw


In the heart of Gouda, on the edge of one of the canal networks, stands the Red Lion Windmill, a magnificent illustration of a functioning mill.

This windmill is still operational even though it is no longer producing flour; you can see the sails move, and the mechanical components of the mill are on exhibit.

One of the oldest Dutch customs is the use of windmills, and this particular one was built in 1727 and just underwent a painstaking restoration.

The Red Lion windmill is a wonderful historical site if you want to learn more about how these amazing constructions work and get a close-up look at a windmill.

9. Take a walking tour of the Gouda Canals


An excellent approach to observing the city and its beautiful architecture is by exploring the canals that encircle the centre of Gouda.

Start at the canal directly above the market square, and proceed to walk its whole length. This canal is bordered by trees, and its middle features a gorgeous bridge.

Once you reach the canal’s shore, turn left or right to traverse the wider waterway that encircles the entire historic district.

You may easily walk the entire canal ring and enjoy Gouda’s views along the way, such as the magnificent homes and buildings that flank the tranquil stretches of water.

10. Gouwekerk


The Gouwekerk, built-in 1904 as a later addition to the city, is the second-largest church in the heart of Gouda. The church, which is regarded as Neo-Gothic and has a classic cruciform design, features a huge central tower that towers above the nearby structures.

This building offers amazing photo opportunities, especially given how comfortably it rests on the canals.

Furthermore, the building’s magnificent design serves as a wonderful illustration of how a modern structure may include an older architectural style.

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