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Amsterdam is Once Again Ranked As The Most Attractive City in The Netherlands To Live in

Amsterdam continues to be rated as the most desirable Dutch city to live in. Perhaps that compensates for all the expensive coffee and inexperienced tourists on the bike route!

Despite their complaints, Amsterdam residents are a fortunate lot. Amsterdam is the best-ranked city out of an incredible 50 that were assessed, according to the Atlas for Municipalities (an indicator made by Atlas Research).

These 50 cities are ranked using more than 50 characteristics, such as employment prospects, educational institutions, cultural amenities, and home costs (including mice).

1. The scene, along with blue and green


This year’s study put a focus on “blue and green.” What does that even mean? Actually, it’s fairly straightforward; this refers to the number of parks, canals, ponds, and trees that Dutch cities have to offer.

While there are many things about Amsterdam that can be disputed (no, not every house there looks like it was built of gingerbread), you cannot dispute the fact that even the smallest amount of inattention while riding a bike will result in your falling into a canal, a park, a pond (puddle), or a poor tree.

2. It’s not just trees, though.


Despite how wonderful nature is, there are a lot of other reasons why the city is so beautiful.

According to researcher Marten Middeldorp for the NRC, Amsterdam is the biggest city in a region with lots of infrastructure and employment opportunities. Where else can you find a cafe on every corner, the Concertgebouw and the Rijksmuseum? Where else would there be two large universities?

It’s true that as you pedal through Amsterdam, stunning structures greet you at every turn. The buildings on the UvA campus are dispersed throughout the city, each with a distinctive design.


Whether there are rats or not, a sizable park appears to be nearby constantly. Why stop at Vondelpark only? Take a stroll around Rembrandt Park, Westerpark, Oosterpark, Erasmus Park, and so on.

There’s a lot more to do, even though we’re all busy taking advantage of the same 20 amenities (the constantly bustling Rembrandtplein, the stunning Museumplein, and the canals).


What about a pint and some live music at the city’s oldest Irish bar, Mulligan’s? (Ask for Seán and let him know we sent you. Or perhaps engage in some mug painting or puppy yoga. Then proceed to Club NYX or Radio Radio to dance.

We just can’t seem to stop adoring Amsterdam, despite the possibility of your bike being stolen, the tourists on the bike path, and the clouds of marijuana smoke. Do we have a bias? Never! The statistics reveal the reality.

Do you believe Amsterdam is overrated, or do you believe this ranking is fair? Tell us in the comments section below!

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