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Why Will You Fall In Love With Poffertjes, Dutch Mini Pancakes?

The most discerning diners in the world will be satisfied by the colorful and flavorful feast that is Dutch cuisine. Poffertjes is for you if you are overly accustomed to complex flavors and are looking for straightforward yet alluring flavors. These tiny pancake puffs, also known as “Dutch Mini Pancakes,” are golden and fluffy and almost too adorable to eat. They are typically sold from street vendors in the Netherlands on cardboard plates and dusted liberally with confectioners’ sugar. If you have ever been there, you have probably seen them being sold in this manner. In this guide, I have all about Poffertjes. From the best recept to the best places to eat Poffertjes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

What is Dutch Mini Pancakes?


A typical Dutch treat made with batter is called a puffertje. They resemble tiny, fluffy pancakes and are made with buckwheat flour and yeast.

When prepared outside, at festivals and outdoor events, they are baked in a unique pan called a poffertjespan and typically served warm on a piece of cardboard paper.

They are typically eaten as a snack and very infrequently as breakfast. Traditional toppings for poffertjes include melted butter and powdered sugar, but there are also a variety of non-traditional options like whipped cream, fruit, or rum. There is a savory version made with gouda cheese, though.


Poffertjes are sold at numerous street carts throughout Dutch streets during the Christmas and New Year season. Poffertjes are thought to have their origins in a Dutch abbey where they were used as a kind of communion host. Poffertjes quickly gained popularity after churchgoers tried them and liked them, so neighborhood stall owners seized the chance to start selling them as snacks.

Poffertjes are typically freshly made and sold by the dozen if you buy them from a bakery or street vendor, but most Dutch supermarkets also carry commercially produced varieties. These consist of microwaveable pre-made poffertjes and dried batter mixtures.

Origin of Dutch Mini Pancakes


Poffertjes, also referred to as “brothers,” have their roots in Catholic tradition. Sacremental hosts were used during the communion ritual in the churches in the southern Netherlands. The brothers started experimenting with various recipes because the host was so dry. The poffertjes that are familiar to us today are a result of these culinary experiments. The traditions of the modern Netherlands were traditionally Catholic, so they differed from those of the Protestant north. The hosts are thought to have originated in the provinces of Limburg or North Brabant because they are a part of a Catholic tradition.

Poffertjes, like so many other beloved national dishes, were at first regarded as a dish for the underprivileged. This was largely because they were made with buckwheat flour, which was used because there was a shortage of wheat during the French Revolution and was therefore deemed to be a subpar alternative to wheat flour. To give buckwheat’s slightly bitter flavor a more palatable texture and flavor, wheat flour, milk, and eggs are often added today.

The best recipe for poffertjes


What main ingredients do you need for the best poffertjes recept?

  • Flour: We’ve simplified our recipe by using plain all-purpose flour. Use half and half or buckwheat flour, which is more conventional. Like regular flour, gluten-free flour can also be used to make pancakes.
  • Instant yeast is easy to use; simply stir it into the mixture and wait for it to do its magic. The warm milk is what hastens the yeast’s activation.
  • Milk: When using regular milk, you should aim for a moderately warm temperature that is not quite boiling (as that kills the yeast). Replace with oat or almond milk.
  • Sugar: Sugar is used to give the batter a nice sweetness. Use regular sugar or a brown or raw sugar substitute.
  • Regular large chicken eggs also work well, though we’ve also heard that duck eggs produce beautiful results.

Ideas for toppings or stuffing for poffertjes recept

Jam made with speculoos and powdered sugar, apple slices, and Nutella

Making Poffertjes:

  • Add the flour, sugar, and yeast to a sizable mixing bowl, stir everything together quickly, and create a well in the center.
  • Warm the milk and egg, then add them while whisking to create a batter. Allow to rise for an hour while covered with a tea towel or silicone bowl cover. When ready, the batter should have doubled in size and appear extremely bubbly. Note: If you’re in a colder climate, give yourself more time and put the bowl somewhere warm.
  • Use the butter to coat a frying pan or poffertjes pan over medium heat. Put heaping tablespoons of batter into each well of the poffertjes pan after it has warmed up. If using a frying pan, make sure there is room.
  • Flip using a single chopstick or skewer once bubbles begin to pop on top (1-2 minutes) (similar to making takoyaki). Once puffed up and thoroughly cooked, let cook for a further minute or two before removing from the pan. Continue until all the batter is consumed.
  • Serve while still warm and dust with icing sugar or powdered sugar.

Are you too lazy to cook this dish yourself at home with poffertjes recept? Don’t worry I will give you a list of some of the best poffertjes restaurants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Best poffertjes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Pancake Club

  • Leidsebosje 5, Amsterdam, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas

Max Euwe Centrum may be on your route; in this case, heed the advice of the diners and visit the restaurant. Visit The Pancake Club if you’ve never tried international cuisine. Try placing a delicious tapas order. You might be treated to some delectable strawberry pancakes at this location. According to customers, the waitstaff here serves up delicious wine. You will likely return here frequently to sip on a sizable iced coffee. This restaurant has the best poffertjes recept.

De Vier Pilaren, poffertjes Amsterdam

  • Leidsebosje 5, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

It is advised to visit both Max Euwe Centrum and De Vier Pilaren. To form an opinion about this restaurant, try some delicious tapas, bacon, and laing. Try some delectable crepes, Dutch pancakes, and poffertjes. According to the opinions of the customers, waiters provide tasty beer. Start your meal with a delicious cappuccino, some fresh juice, or some mint tea.

Café De Prins

  • Prinsengracht 124, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Stop by this bar if the rain caught you off guard while you were strolling around the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. Many guests at Café De Prins have remarked on the delicious bitterballen, ham sandwiches, and cheese fondue that are served there. Trying delicious poffertjes, pancakes, and apple pie is the best thing you can do. Wine, delicious draft beer, and cordial are among this establishment’s most well-liked beverages. You can order delicious cappuccinos, juice, or mint tea here.

Lunchcafé Dialoog, poffertjes Amsterdam

  • Prinsengracht 261A, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Dialoog Lunchcafé is relatively close to the Anne Frank House. The hot sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, and perfectly cooked cheese sandwiches at this restaurant are the secret to its success. The majority of visitors advise trying tasty pancakes, croissants with cheese, and poffertjes. One of the best drinks to order is delicious wine. Come here for delicious cappuccinos, healthy juices, and tea.

Best poffertjes in Roterdam, The Netherlands


Seth Poffertjes

  • Hoogstraat, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Come to this restaurant to eat if Sint Laurenskerk has made you hungry. Some reviews claim that Seth Poffertjes’ salona is prepared to perfection. Try some delectable pancakes, Dutch pancakes, and poffertjes in Rotterdam. Don’t pass up the chance to sip some tasty beer. The cappuccinos served here are excellent.

Dutch Diner, famous poffertjes Rotterdam

  • Meent 20 3011 JJ Rotterdam The Netherlands

After a strenuous exploration of National Schools Museum, stop by for a drink here. Schnitzels, pork, and hamburgers that have been cooked well have a tasty flavor. To sample delicious pancakes, poffertjes, and Dutch pancakes, many people frequent this confectionery establishment. You might read that the coffee around here is excellent.

Pannekoekhuis De Nachtegaal

  • Pr. Beatrixlaan 11, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Visitors to this restaurant are welcome to sample the well-done pork. Halva, poffertjes, and delicious pancakes might be just what you need. The excellent service and well-trained staff at Pannenkoekenhuis de Nachtegaal make guests feel at ease. This is one of the best places to eat poffertjes in Rotterdam with unique poffertjes recept.

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