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Why The Crime Rate In The Netherlands Is So Low?

Have you ever wondered why the crime rate in the Netherlands is so low? Read our post and you will know the answer.

The Dropped Crime Rates – Crime Rate In The Netherlands


During the past few years, crime rates in the Netherlands have continuously decreased. In fact, people cannot exactly determine the causes behind this data. But maybe it’s the provincial conditions that have contributed to the reduction.

The Punitive System


Judges in the Netherlands prefer to impose less heavy penalties than other countries. For example, offenders have to face light punishment such as community service, electronic tagging, fines, etc. It is fairly rare for criminals in this country to confront long jail time. 

The punitive system of the Dutch typically prefers rehabilitation over retribution. Luckily, after serving sentences, considerably fewer offenders re-offend. 

Actually, more than 20 prisons have shut down since 2013. It is because incarcerated convicts in the nation declined dramatically.

Policies That Help Reduce Crime Rates – Crime Rate In The Netherlands


The tolerant policies of the Dutch government also play an important part in keeping low crime rates. For instance, since the 1970s, cannabis has been successfully decriminalized. It means that convictions relevant to the use or possession of cannabis are quite uncommon. 

At the same time, when it comes to harder such as cocaine or heroin, the police in the Netherlands typically target supply chains instead of users. This action helps cut down the rates of prosecution.

Other Factors


Factors such as high social welfare standards, low levels of poverty, and average population aging pose a crucial part in curbing the number of possibly at-risk youngsters.

However, there are arguments about this statistic. Some say that the crime rates are low because people do not report common wrongdoing to the police. For instance, bike thieves and burglaries happen quite regularly but people tend to not make a fuss about it. 

According to snitched government records, it seems like the police don’t have enough resources to tackle these kinds of crimes. All citizens are aware of the situation. Therefore, they don’t want to waste time reporting the theft. It means that national data don’t sufficiently represent unlawful activity in this country.

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