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Vincent Van Gogh Inside The Lume Gallery In Melbourne

Let’s immerse yourself in Vincent Van Gogh inside The Lume gallery in Melbourne. It’s available from now until the 31st of August, 2022.

Digital Gallery – The Lume – The Lume Melbourne


The Lume is the first permanent digital gallery in Australia. And it’s now officially available in Melbourne. This is a broad virtual art gallery that shows an indeed awe-inspiring experience in art. With no set paths and no time limits, your adventure is completely up to you. 

They also provide delicious food and drink coupled with their unique theme inside the gallery. Therefore, your experience will surely be at its fullest.

A Brief Go-Through Of The Gallery


Once you step into the hall, you will find an entirely new world. Scents linger in the air, music fills your ears, and this is the place where your adventure into the art begins.

If you want to find information about the artworks, you can see them at the gallery’s entry hall. This is what makes The Lume unique. In other galleries, you might be familiar with plaques full of information beside each piece of art. However, in The Lume, there is no room for that.

Unique Experiences With Van Gogh Artworks

Van Gogh’s paintings are one of the most identifiable and honored in history.

You might have a chance to see Van Gogh’s art before, but we ensure that you’ve never partaken Van Gogh’s artworks like this. This time, The Lume Melbourne will delight your senses with Van Gogh’s wonderful pieces as epic-scale masterworks.

How To Enjoy The Art Experience – The Lume Melbourne


First, you should walk around the room, reading the profile of the artist – Vincent Van Gogh. The gallery provides you with a short timeline of his masterpieces and the inspirations and meaning behind them. They have them all, from the famous The Starry Night to Sunflowers, Self-Portrait, Blossom, etc. In this room, you can also find the artist’s personal favorite, Vincent’s Bedroom In Arles.

Since illustrations here are taken from the canvas and brought to life in 3D, you can experience the surroundings from his perspective. For example, you can sit on his bed or on his chair, watch the self-portraits he put in his works, etc.

Here we are with more lively illustrations when stepping inside the space of the gallery. Every feature becomes more real-life with a continuously moving and ever-spinning selection of Van Gogh’s creations.

Every vantage corner, such as on the floor, a wall, or the balcony, will make you feel near-at-hand with these fantastic artworks. 

And the most interesting part is, you don’t have to rush. As we mentioned above, The Lume does not have limited time or set paths. As a result, you can slowly wander around the space and freely immerse yourself in this wonderful world for as long as you want.

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