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Why Newcomers To Canada Are Choosing Thunder Bay?

Each year, Canada has accepted large numbers of immigrants into the country. Besides the big cities, another place that has recently attracted a lot of immigrants is Thunder Bay. So, why newcomers to Canada are choosing Thunder Bay?

The Main Reason – Why Newcomers Choosing Thunder Bay?


It is mainly because of the immigrant’s financial situation. In fact, the living standard in Thunder Bay is much more affordable in comparison with central cities such as Vancouver or Toronto. 

And of course, this urban area still provides you with modern conveniences just like other cities.

According to RE/MAX, Thunder Bay is one of the most reasonable housing markets in the country. It is not quite hard to find a condominium here.

A Brief Introduce


Thunder Bay is known as the main entrance to the Northwest. This place presents a combination of a lovely small-town feel and modern city life. It mainly concentrates on welcoming people from various backgrounds and honors cultures. Thunder Bay is home to Indigenous and First Nations communities as well.

Besides, it now promotes to be a beautiful and healthy community that offers equal economic opportunities. It means that it always respects the variety as well as presents safe environments that are available to all.

In terms of environment, Thunder Bay is one of the greenest and cleanest cities nationwide. The region is famous for its leafy nature and open-air activities such as hiking, skiing, sailing, etc.

Working In Thunder Bay – Why Newcomers Choosing Thunder Bay?


Thunder Bay has a diversified and balanced local economy. It shows a great combination of traditional and modern sectors. Manufacturing and natural resource industries are now effectively blending with evolving and new education and healthcare.

You can find the world of career possibilities here – outside the densely big city. Rewarding skilled professions, experienced trades jobs, and excellent nature are other reasons that newcomers choose Thunder Bay as their destination.

Moreover, with an average commute time of only about 10 minutes, employees have another great reason to work in Thunder Bay. 

Thunder Bay is now home to notable manufacturers, creative studios, public sector leaders, and local businesses. From plumbers and electricians to healthcare professionals and accountants, well-paying job possibilities are available in various sectors. 

And if you are interested in starting up a business, Thunder Bay has it all for you. With a reasonable cost of land and no expansion charges, this region offers genuine real estate for growth.

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