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Why New Zealanders Are Called Kiwis?

“Why New Zealanders are called Kiwis?”, this text will answer your question, not only that, more facts and interesting information are waiting for you – the New Zealand lovers.

Why Are New Zealanders Called Kiwis?


The nickname “kiwi” comes from the inquisitive flightless bird that is distinctive to New Zealand. 

The Maori have still kept the kiwi bird in esteem. They used their feathers to create “Kahu kiwi”. These are valuable cloaks that only tribal chiefs can wear.

In the 1900s, cartoonists began to use ideas of the kiwi bird to symbolize New Zealand as a nation. 

During World War I, people called New Zealand warriors “kiwis”. And the alias stuck with them.

Finally, the word “Kiwi” was attributed to New Zealand people. Interestingly, they welcomed the title. 

Early Travelers


The Māori sailed across the expansive unexplored Pacific Ocean in just small sea-going canoes. And became the foremost occupants of the Aotearoa region in New Zealand.

This exploration was way before Christopher Columbus’s trip about 400 years. Even recently, Maori civilization is still the main feature of New Zealand’s nationwide identity.

Rough Pioneers – New Zealanders Are Called Kiwis


New Zealand’s European explorers were independent, courageous, and tough as well. 

Before setting up farms and territories, they must clear the land first. This is truly a precise and occasionally risky activity. Their aloneness to the components forced these first-to-come New Zealanders to become more strong and skillful.

This creativeness and resourcefulness have many contributions to the New Zealand personality. You can see the identical qualities in the latest pioneers. This is the era of Kiwi youngsters with worldwide success such as business executives, film-makers, computer software builders, fashion designers, etc.

Backyard Genius


Before ‘split’ the atom early in the twentieth century, Kiwis have been uncovering things right after the “split” of the atom – the remarkable research of Sir Ernest Rutherford. 

Interestingly, it was the backyard where the majority of these innovations appeared. For example, when iced meat, the Bungy jump, and the Hamilton Jet boat are likely the New Zealanders’ most well-known inventions. Of course, there are more. But we will discuss the topic next time.

Kiwis Adore The Amazing Outdoors – New Zealanders Are Called Kiwis


Kiwis have grown a fondness for the open air and are excited about sports that can utilize the stunning landscape. This is the identical reason that drives visitors to New Zealand more and more.

With plenty of shores, it’s almost no wonder why New Zealanders enjoy the water and watersports. Some of their favorite activities such as windsurfing, rowing scene, kayaking, world yachting, etc. 

Besides that, other pursuits such as fishing, camping, hiking, or just chilled walks beside the seasides are also popular. 

Companionship On The Sporting Field


The two World Wars witnessed serious losses imposed on the New Zealand male people. However, it caught commitment to your companions as well. This somehow becomes a special social worth. You can feel this quality on the sporting field nowadays.

The most favored bystander sport in New Zealand is rugby football. In fact, the sport has public school origins in England. But in New Zealand, rugby is indeed the grass-roots game of the “intermediate bloke”.

Kiwi – Traditional And Modern Combination – New Zealanders Are Called Kiwis?


As fellows of a special and multi-ethnic community, many Kiwis have sincerely maintained their own culture. For example, they appreciate café culture and urban living. 

However, they also show respect for new things such as new fashion, arts, and culinary tastes.

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