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Why is Toronto called the most multicultural city in the world?

Toronto stands out as a benchmark of multiculturalism because it has been named the most diverse city in the world by both the United Nations and the BBC. Official statistics show that more than half of the city’s population was born outside of Canada, a country home to people from all over the world. But how does all that diversity play out in real life? Spend some time in Toronto, Canada’s unique multicultural hub, and you’ll discover these things.

Cultural Festivals Everywhere in Toronto


Nothing makes Torontonians happier than a street carnival, and with so many diverse cultures nearby, there’s always a reason to get together and celebrate. Some of the most well-known festivals in the area are the Roncesvalles Polish Festival, which celebrates Polish culture with pierogi and Polka music, and the Toronto Chinatown Festival, which has lion and dragon dances and martial arts demonstrations and real Asian street food.

You will meet people from all over the world


Toronto is not the only city in the world with a large population of immigrants, but it stands out among other cities in terms of the underrepresented nations. The Toronto region is home to more than 250 ethnic groups, and there are 180 different dialects spoken there. It is present virtually throughout the world, from Pakistan to Portugal. With 300,000 people, or 10% of Toronto’s immigrant population, the Chinese are one of the major ethnic groups in the city.

Food is always plentiful and suitable for everyone – Toronto multicultural


What fosters interpersonal relations more than food? You can be sure that nothing compares to the food in your country, but if you spend some time in Toronto, you’ll be amazed at the tremendous range of flavors there. Enjoy a wonderful pot of poutine, Canada’s national meal, and learn about the community. Crispy fries topped with hot gravy and fresh cheese. The outcome is a delectable mound of potatoes, cheese, and sauce that is greasy, melted, and ideal for chilly winter nights.

If you want to experience the true flavor of these tender, buttery treats after you’ve perfected this meal, try the classic Portuguese custard in Little Portugal. The Waterfront Night Market, a sizable summer night market selling Asian street cuisine and regional craft beer, is one of the city’s many food festivals that you should visit if you’re starving.

Culturally rich neighborhoods to discover yourself


There is undoubtedly an area in Toronto that proudly represents the cultural history of each nation that is represented there.

With its bustling Greek-style bars and pastry stores, the Greek Quarter is one of Toronto’s coolest neighborhoods to explore. The incredibly fashionable Koreatown and the hip Annex are close to the University of Toronto St. George. You can visit the 19th-century campus buildings on the picturesque Philosophy Walk, which is located here.

Be sure to take the time to explore Chinatown… as there are six of them! Toronto has one of the city center’s largest Chinatowns in North America, but there are five other Chinatowns primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, including Markham and Mississauga.

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