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Best tips to save money while traveling in New Zealand

New Zealand is well-known for its beauty, but it is also regarded as being somewhat pricey. Budget travel isn’t always difficult, it simply takes a little more preparation. Here are some suggestions on saving money while traveling in New Zealand.

Pick one of the two well-known islands.


Even though New Zealand is small, getting to both of its islands may be very expensive and time-consuming. If you only had a few weeks, consider the things you’ve always wanted to do. Both the North and South Islands have unique charms of their own, so taking the time to explore each island separately will enhance the quality of your trip.

Most of the major malls will also provide a variety of inexpensive attractions. Choose to land in Auckland (the most popular option) or Wellington if you want to travel throughout the North. There are many intriguing things to see and do in Queenstown and Christchurch, the South Island’s two main tourist destinations.

Visiting out of season is the best tip to save money in New Zealand


Your travel budget may be made or broken by time. The off-season is when you will find the cheapest airline, lodging, and living prices, just like anywhere else in the world. That means traveling to New Zealand in the spring, which has its advantages. Another fantastic alternative is autumn, which is pleasant, not too crowded, and full of intriguing sights and festivities. Due to the nice weather, most tourists travel throughout the summer (December to February), yet that period is typically more expensive.

Choose your means of transport wisely – best tip to save money in New Zealand


Your cheapest alternative for transportation will be buses, both within and between cities. Several leading carriers, including Intercity and Mana Bus, offer frequent fare discounts for various locations. Cities like Wellington and Auckland will also provide special visitor tickets at reduced prices at regional sites. Intercity provides a flexible jump/jump pass for all other locations to explore New Zealand’s top must-see attractions.

Consider renting a camper van if you want to take a more active approach. It will be less expensive than renting a car to move around and serve as a lodging choice. In New Zealand, camping and rock climbing are very common (especially in the summer), and there are many places set aside for tourists who have chosen this path.

Similarly, choose your experience wisely


If you’re an adventurer, you probably have a list of things you’d like to do in New Zealand. If you don’t stay within the budget, the expense of adventures like bungee jumping, skydiving, and skiing may soon mount.

Additionally, some of New Zealand’s most well-known natural areas, like parts of the South Island glaciers and Milford Sound, are only accessible via guided boat tours or promoted online.

If you can, prepare your meals – the best tip to save money in New Zealand

Visitors to New Zealand may be surprised by the cost of eating out. Eating out every night will likely find that your daily food expenses range from $50 to $100 NZ. At the same time, grocery shopping will reduce your costs to just $50 NZ every week. Cooking for yourself should be a primary priority. Pak n Save is the least expensive grocery chain in New Zealand, but you should also keep an eye out for any unique weekly specials at Countdown and New World.

You could also go on an enjoyable excursion, such as a lakeside picnic in Queenstown, an outdoor lunch in Christchurch’s beautiful gardens, or a day trip to Auckland’s many parks. If you’re visiting New Zealand as a group, the BBQ will be a unique Kiwi experience. Farmers’ markets are another excellent source of affordable, regionally grown produce, and cities like Wellington also provide a wide variety of delectable cuisine.

Here are some suggestions on saving money while traveling in New Zealand.

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