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Why Is Canada Impossible To Invade? What About Others?

Why is Canada impossible to invade? What about others? And does it mean that these countries have a powerful military? Let’s find out together!

A Formidable Country For An Invading Force


It may surprise you when hearing this statement, right? It is because Canada has a reputation for being so nice.

In fact, Canada is a formidable country for an invading force. It’s not that their military is particularly strong. It is because of other aspects of the country. It is the second largest in the world in terms of land mass. 

Just like Russia, most of it is either covered in ice or snow. The remains are made up of mountainous, and hard-to-cross terrain. But the real problem with invading Canada is not what you’d have to go through, but who you’d have to go through. Since most of the country resides in the arctic, the only viable entry point is from the South. Unfortunately, any invading force, means they must go through Canada’s ally, the U.S. The U.S. has the largest and most powerful military in the world. So, invading Canada is simply not an option. 

It may seem logical that countries in remote areas of the world would be difficult to invade, but it’s true anymore. With today’s technology, isolation doesn’t guarantee protection. Most militaries have advanced naval ships and aircraft that make had to reach places accessible. In order to be a country resistant to invasion, you need a harsh landscape, a strong military, and citizens willing to do whatever it takes to win.

So, what about other countries? Let’s take a look at some other formidable names.

China – Why Is Canada Impossible To Invade?


China is one of the heavy hitters. But the reason that China would be impossible to invade is not what you might think. 

First of all, China is the most populated country in the world, with nearly 1,4 billion people. This means there is a large pool of soldiers from China to draw from in an invasion.

Another thing that China has going for it during an invasion is the unobstructed power of the government. The Chinese government has the right to make quick decisions about military manufacturing and how to respond to an invasion.

The next thing is about the geography in China. The size of the country, the change in terrains, and the intense weather conditions in both mountainous and coastal regions would make moving an invading force into and across the country incredibly difficult. 



India is protected by the Himalayas in the north. The west of this country has deserts, the east has tropical jungles, and the south has the ocean. Although it’s not an island, it might as well be for any invading force. It is because the only reasonable way to invade the country would be by the sea. 

Unfortunately for the invaders, the Indian military has already prepared for that. They have both conventional and nuclear submarines, missile cruisers, and aircraft carriers. Altogether, the Indian Navy has enough resources to fend off an invading force. 

Russia – Why Is Canada Impossible To Invade?


As history has shown us, there is zero chance of an invading force successfully subduing and controlling Russia. 

Being the largest country by landmass, Russian topography is made up of a little bit of everything. A good proportion of the northern part of the country sits in the Arctic. This would make a complete invasion of this country not possible since the landscapes here are brutal.

Plus, Russia has an active military of over a million people. The remains of another 2 million are now in reserve.

And let’s not forget that Russia has the most nuclear weapons stockpiled only after the U.S.

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