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The Facts Untold About The Overthrow Of Hawaii

The facts untold about the overthrow of Hawaii will show the dark sides of history.

A Sudden Overthrow


Lili’uokalani was Hawaii’s Queen. She ruled the kingdom through one of the roughest periods of the island’s history. 

On the 16th of January in 1895, two men suddenly arrived at Lili’uokalani’s palace and arrested her. Then, they jailed Lili’uokalani in a room.

Real Purposes Of American Missionaries


75 years earlier, American missionaries first arrived in Hawaii. They quickly amassed power, building businesses and claiming arable land that they altered into plantations. 

They worked closely with the ali’i, or sacred Hawaiian nobility closely linked to the Gods. The ali’i appointed missionaries to government roles. Their purpose is to they make establish Hawaii as a sovereign kingdom with a constitutional monarchy. 

They created a political group named “the Missionary Party”. Their purpose is to annex Hawaii, bringing it under the control of the U.S.

The Missionary Party – The Overthrow Of Hawaii


Lili’uokalani and her siblings were born into an ali’i family. In 1874, her brother, David Kalakaua, ascended the throne. But 13 years into his control, the emerging threat crystallized.

The Missionary Party held a meeting and forced the King to sign new legislation. The legislation stole the rights of Native Hawaiians, lessened the monarchy’s power, and surrendered control to this group of white businessmen.

Lili’uokalani’s And The Fight For Her People


Four years later, King Kalakaua died. She assumed the throne and prepared to fight. 

Despite death threats, Queen Lili’uokalani decided to restore rights and power to her people. An approximate two-thirds of them had lost their franchise rights. Flooded with requests for change, she wrote a new constitution. 

The Coup Of The “Committee of Safety”


But before she introduced it, the so-called “Committee of Safety” hatched another plot. This is a new organization that consisted of many Missionary Party members.

According to their false pretense, this new constitution threatened American lives and property. So, on January 17th, 1893, they staged a coup. Over 160 U.S. marines approached the palace. And at this place, the “Committee of Safety” deposed Queen Lili’uokalani from office.

The Republic Of Hawaii – The Overthrow Of Hawaii


In the next year, the alleged “Provisional Government” announced Hawaii a Republic. They declared that Hawaiians couldn’t join an election or be government employees if they didn’t sign a new “oath of allegiance”. Many refused.

The Attempt Of The Queen And Her People To Restore Their Power


Some times later, Lili’uokalani’s advocates tried a counterrevolution. The Republic responded in a brutal way. They jailed hundreds and sentenced 6 citizens to death. In exchange for their release, the Republic made Lili’uokalani sign a document that claimed to give up her throne. After that, they imprisoned her in the palace. 

Under persistent guard, she wrote songs showing her love for her people. She also began making a patchwork quilt that described the story of her life. Lili’uokalani could only read the news that her jailers had checked. Her supporters often brought her bouquets from the garden she loves. They then wrapped it in newspaper and sent it to her. 

They put Lili’uokalani under house arrest after 8 months. As soon as the sentence was lifted, she went to Washington, D.C. She came along with Hawaiian nationalists and more than 20,000 signatures. There, they successfully persuaded Congress to remove the annexation treaty of the Republic. 

However, in the next year, the Spanish-American war broke out. And by chance, Hawaii has a strategic military base when it comes to this war. President William McKinley realized it and quickly proclaimed the islands a U.S. territory. This event was on July 7th, 1898.

It broke international law and shattered Queen Lili’uokalani as well as her people. She then spent the rest of her life demanding the restoration of her lands, national liberation, and native Hawaiian rights.

Lili’uokalani died in 1917. She left a resilient legacy, which is her commitment to her land and people. Many Hawaiians continue to fight in her memory.

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