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Where Can You Get The Symbolic Greenstone In New Zealand?

Where can you get the symbolic greenstone in New Zealand? Let’s figure out its meaning and specific places to buy it.

Basic Information – Greenstone In New Zealand


Greenstone is very much a representation when it comes to New Zealand. There is a lot of meaning behind each carved pattern on it.

As a unique symbol that represents a country, you can find greenstone ornaments and jewelry almost everywhere in New Zealand. The most commonly seen places, for example, are markets, souvenir shops, museums, and jewelers.

However, when visiting Aotearoa, many tourists didn’t realize this thing. In fact, the bulk of the jewelry they buy is not New Zealand-made. A substantial amount of carved jade here actually comes from Siberia and China. Still, we have to say, this doesn’t mean that the carving skills of Kiwis are not good. If you want authentic, like 100% article, you can come to the spots below.

Here are several locations where you can buy art carved from New Zealand-sourced greenstone.



Auckland has a fair share of greenstone stockists and carvers. It’s due to its considerable Maori and Pacific Islander inhabitants. The Maori called this item New Zealand pounamu, for your information.

This biggest New Zealand city offers a large amount of foreign imported jade goods. Of course, they are all perfectly carved. The New Zealand government advertises these goods as their pounamu.

However, you can still buy local pieces for reasonable prices in Auckland markets. Shane Macintosh is a carver who has been making high-quality pieces for ages. Head to the city-suburban to find him.

Wellington – Greenstone In New Zealand


This city has the biggest collections of greenstone all over the country. Let’s go to Te Papa and immerse yourself in their expansive collection. They have much pounamu-related art such as weapons, jewelry, carvings, and photographs. 

There are multiple Wellington stores that sell New Zealand-sourced greenstone. Also, you will find heaps that sell British Columbian-made jade items. Take a walk alongside Cuba Street to buy the much-loved New Zealand symbol.



Arahura River on the west shore of the South Island is greenstone’s origin. As a result, the region’s main town Hokitika has many skilled carving artists.

Besides picking up your favorite New Zealand pounamu, we suggest you take a tour to know more about it. A tour here offers many activities. First, you will visit the information center to acquire more insight into the origin of this cultural item. Then, they take you to places where carvers are working. You can even make a piece of greenstone yourself.

Since you’re in Hokitika, the largest full-on beach town, you have all the conveniences you could wish for.

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