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10 Indications That You Were Born And Raised In The Netherlands

How to identify someone who was born and raised in the Netherlands? The 10 signs below will help you identify a genuine Dutchman.

Real Dutch Never wear a helmet while cycling.


You consider your bike to be an organic extension of who you are. Your bike is more than just a mode of transportation for you; without it, nothing would be possible. You ride your bike to work and pick up your kids from school, and you’ve mastered the art of cycling and whatsapp-using safely while negotiating busy intersections and “accidentally” blowing through stop signs.

Why do Dutch people cycle without helmets?

You’re not surprised or offended when small children tell you off.

Although opinions on this particular issue are divided in the Netherlands, Dutch children are encouraged to be self-aware and opinionated from a young age. Adults are generally receptive to sound arguments, even those made by seven-year-olds. In addition, if the adult believes the child is in error, he will try to correct him rather than reprimanding him.

 What Are Dutch People Known For?

Your respect of rules leaves much to be desired.

Yes, you respect authority and the law, but only when they suit your needs. With the motto “Dat moeten we toch lekker zelf weten” (It’s our own business and no one else’s), many bars continued to keep ashtrays on the tables inside after the smoking ban was implemented, risking severe fines.

Dutch doesn’t feel the urge to make big fashion statements.

You like to dress casually, and you’ve even been seen wearing jeans and sneakers out on the town. But in secret, you’ve worked hard to find the ideal set of jeans, a shirt, and sneakers, hoping to impress with your casual-yet-hip appearance.

Your curtains are typically left open all the time.


You don’t take humiliation well and don’t mind if people watch what you’re doing in your living room. After all, you don’t have anything to hide, right?

5 quirky little things you only can find in the Netherlands

When it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, you congratulate his parents.

Congratulations on your son, I said.

Congratulations with your boyfriend, future mother-in-law, three cheek kisses later. the following member of the family, friend, or acquaintance. Before you sit down to enjoy the party, you congratulate each of the guests who arrived before you.

You have a habit of grumbling.

Even if you reside in one of the most prosperous and happy nations in the world, there is always something to be unhappy about. If not the weather, it would be the health care system, the government, the passenger who sat next to you on the crowded train and invaded your personal space, and especially all the other people who are constantly whining. This is one of the most important signal show you Born And Raised In The Netherlands.

You aren’t a nationalist. Unless you’re a football fan.


Normally, you consider yourself to be a “global citizen,” but when you’re watching the European or World Football Championships, even your cousin—who ordinarily abhors sports—becomes a fervent, screaming, and shouting “Oranje” supporter.

Never refuse something that is offered without charge.

Nothing makes you happier because you don’t like spending money than an unexpected discount. Unless you can get something for nothing. Even though you don’t like mints, you cheerfully pass that girl twice as she freely distributes a new brand of peppermint-flavored candies so you can add another bar of “happiness” to your day.

Dutch people wouldn’t anticipate your date to cover the tab.

You split the costs and go Dutch. You prepare a meal with friends as a student, splitting the cost of the ingredients evenly and precisely to the last cent. If you don’t immediately transfer the money into their account, even if it’s only a euro, they will call you out on it.

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