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What To Do On Phillip Island, One Of Victoria’s Best Tourist Destinations

One of Victoria’s most visited tourist destinations is Phillip Island, which is ideal if you want to escape the bustle of Melbourne, Australia. It makes sense, given the variety of chances and experiences available to you. So, the top ten attractions and what to do in Phillip Island are listed below.

1. What makes Phillip Island well-known?


There is a lot more to see and do on the island than just the renowned Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Little Penguin Parade, and Phillip Island 101 is your guide to seeing it all. There are 101 km2 of magical islands to be discovered at any time of year.

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2. Amazing facts about Phillip Island

  • It takes around two hours to drive from Melbourne to Phillip Island, situated just off Australia’s southern coast.
  • The surroundings are a real natural wonderland, with stunning ocean views and dense vegetation.
  • Penguin Parade, the home of the Little penguins, the tiniest penguins in the world, is its most well-known tourist destination.
  • The nation’s first farm was established using cutting-edge nineteenth-century farming methods.
  • Phillip Island, the first designated National Surfing Reserve in Victoria, offers a wide variety of coastal hotspots.
  • It is the ideal day trip from Melbourne, whether you want a day trip or a weekend getaway.

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3. The Phillip Island’s History

The Phillip Island native people

The Aboriginal Bunurong tribe, who is the island’s traditional proprietor, were the earliest inhabitants of Phillip Island. They did, however, only visit Phillip Island sometimes to hunt muttonbirds; they did not live there permanently.

The Discovery of Europe

George Bass set foot on the island’s shore in 1798, becoming the first European to do so. Since he first observed the island from the west while traveling down from Port Jackson, he dubbed the region Western Port. Later, the island was given the name Arthur Phillip Island after the first governor of New South Wales.

Europeans had been utilizing the island for sheep herding and seal hunting up until 1868 when they decided to establish a town there. Unfortunately, there were several difficulties in the early development of Phillip Island. dealing with challenging circumstances, including drought and poor crops, caused many settlers to give up and return to the mainland.

Some stayed, though, and eventually planted chicory, an edible flower that thrived and came to represent Phillip Island’s potential and hope.

The Distinctive Landscape

Phillip Island has a magnificent agricultural environment in every nook and cranny. The island’s boundaries are dotted with farms, and the remaining area is covered with bushland. However, Phillip Island’s seaside region is by far its main lure. a popular surfing location since it has some of Australia’s most consistent surf conditions. But besides its breathtaking landscape, Phillip Island’s climate may be one of its major draws.

Offering a cool reprieve from the sweltering Australian mainland coastlines, it has weather that is far milder than Melbourne. Its climate is more akin to northern New Zealand than southern Australia, which is a major plus during the hot summer months.

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4. Best attractions to visit on Phillip Island

The penguin parade: The best attractions on this island


One of the most visited attractions on Phillip Island is this incredible one. Every evening around dusk, penguins may come ashore after a day of fishing to spend the night in their natural habitats. The penguin parade, penguin plus, underground viewing, penguin skybox, and the ultimate penguin tour are also a few of the organized activities available. The visitor center also offers engaging and instructive exhibits.

Check out Vietnam Soldiers Museum


The Vietnam Soldiers Museum was created to honor the contributions of the veterans and to assist and support them after they returned to Australia from the Vietnam War (1962–75). The museum also provides a dynamic light and sound display that travels through the galleries, illustrating veterans’ experiences in the Vietnam War through their own words. A sizable collection of artifacts, including helicopters, automobiles, and aircraft, are presented in a journey that is enthralling, moving, and enlightening.

Visit The chocolate factory


A delightful, interactive factory dedicated to all things chocolate, Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate. Through various interactive exhibitions and displays, you may discover everything there is to know about the common cocoa bean. You can also participate in constructing your chocolate that will be delivered to you on a conveyor belt, ready to be eaten. Participate in a variety of activities to earn a variety of free samples. If you’re still craving sweets after the tour, visit the delectable chocolate cafe.

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Look out The Nobbies Center


The Nobbies Centre offers tourists amazing views of the coastal landscape so they may fully appreciate Phillip Island’s naturally appealing beauty. Take a trip along the boardwalk in Nobbies to see the amazing blowhole, a breathtaking sea cave that rumbles during strong southern swells. Take some time to read the informative signage about the neighborhood and observe the Silver Gulls’ nesting behavior and young, which are visible in the spring and early summer. Last but not least, be sure to schedule a time to visit Seal Rocks on Phillip Island, which is home to Australia’s largest colony of fur seals.

Don’t miss Phillip Island Circuit


Some of the biggest motorsports competitions, including the Moto GP and the World Superbikes, have been held at the Phillip Island Circuit. In addition to Go-Karts, the circuit offers the option of being driven around it quickly by a skilled racer. A guided tour of the circuit is also available, giving you access to trackside locations like the control tower, media center, and pit roof. If you’re a little bit of a speed devil, this is the ideal day trip.

Amazing trip with Wildlife Coast Cruises on Phillip Island


A variety of wildlife cruises, including seal watching, are offered by Phillip Islands Wildlife Coast Cruises. There is also a twilight cruise that takes you past the Port of Hastings, past the historic French Island, and around the coasts of Phillip Island while serving great snacks and drinks. You may also visit Stony Points Market, which sells crafts, plants, artwork, tea, and coffee, on a four-hour market cruise.

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Visit Koala Conservation Centre


The Phillip Island koala population has largely been saved because of this eco-tourist destination. You can get up and personal with koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre while enjoying them in their natural environment. To help the population, even more, a breeding program has recently been implemented. This allows you to witness how koala joeys embark on their first journeys after emerging from their mothers’ pouches. This koala center is fantastic for taking pictures and learning about animals and their numbers.

Also, Maru Koala and Animal Park

Visit Maru Koala and Animal Park to get up and personal with local wildlife. You may also get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most indigenous creatures at this park. This involves conversing with the parrots, touching a python snake, wandering with dingoes, petting koalas, and feeding friendly kangaroos. You can participate in hourly tours and hear details about each animal from the guides.

Cowes: One of the most popular destinations in the area


The largest settlement on Phillip Island is Cowes, which offers visitors the best dining options and unique stores to browse. The kids can play on the playground, and there are several BBQ grills scattered throughout the area for gatherings with family and friends. The Mingara art gallery is interesting to visit because it features both contemporary and native artwork.

Alternatively, you can go to the Phillip Island Historical Museum to learn about the cultural history and heroes of the Phillip Islands. Exhibitions on geology, marine history, aboriginal culture, and early colonial life can be found here.

A Maze’n’Things: The best place for kids and family


The entire family will be entertained by the optical illusions, mazes, and puzzles in A Maze’n’Things. The Illusions Rooms, a Mirror Maze, the Rotating Room, and a variety of other thrilling and difficult activities are all located inside the strikingly constructed building. The LookOut Slide, the highest indoor vertical slide in the Southern Hemisphere, is also located there. In addition, A Maze’n Things has a mini golf course and a barbeque space outside. The family can have a wonderful day together doing this.

5. What time of year is ideal for visiting Phillip Island?

Phillip Island is best visited in the warmer months of November through March. When the weather is good, you can fully take advantage of all that this stunning region of Australia has to offer.

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