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15 Best Beaches In Victoria Won’t Make You Disappointed

Any list of Victoria’s top beaches will be lacking. There are too many good ones to mention in one article, so we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the 15 most memorable. Grab some fish and chips, slap on some mayonnaise, and dig in.

Visit Victoria Beaches

Victoria’s beaches may not garner the international attention of those in Queensland or New South Wales, but they have a rugged, primal beauty.

Victorian beaches are classified into two types: bay beaches and surf beaches. Bay beaches can be found all throughout Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay. They’re often sluggish, lethargic beaches with golden sand, flanked by honey-colored sandstone and tea tree scrub. Besides, beaches with tiny waves and strong coffee. The untamed, white-sand bars that stretch the length of the state’s southern coast, washed by huge Antarctic swells and curling point breaks, are known as surf beaches.

15 Best Beaches In Victoria

Bells Beach: One of the most famous beaches in Victoria


Bells Beach, home of the Rip Curl Surfing Competition, is one of the most well-known beaches in the state. There’s a lot for onlookers and surfers alike with its high surrounding cliffs, deep blue ocean, strong swells, natural amphitheater, and varied vantage points. Due to the big smashing waves, it’s no surprise that this spot is mainly only for expert surfers, with fall and winter being the best times to visit.

Also, Portsea


Swimming, surfing, rock platforms, fishing, reefs, sand dunes, and a jetty to jump off on the bay make Portsea a popular summer resort on the Peninsula. Swimming between the flags is recommended due to the many rips. There is parking, restrooms, and a café.

Don’t miss Forest Caves Beach

This location on Port Phillip Island’s southeast coast is worth a visit not just for its long sandy beach but also for the rock platforms and namesake caves that are accessible at low tide. This well-known surfing beach is also popular with anglers and bushwalkers, and parking and restrooms are available. Swimming is not patrolled here, so please be cautious.

Apollo Bay: A popular beach for surfing and fishing


This bathing beach is also well known for surfing and fishing, and it includes a grassy shoreline ideal for a picnic. Explore the closest eateries and lodging options for all budgets. If you’re looking for dryland exploration, try one of the many walking routes in the neighboring Otway Ranges forest.

Meander along Kitty Miller Bay

Because of the sheltering headlands and rocky reef-filled entry, this beautiful beach on Phillip Island’s southern shore boasts a calm swell. The reef is teeming with water life, making it ideal for snorkeling, while those who want to stay on land can stroll along the bayside walking trails. Look for the SS Speke, a shipwreck from 1906, and YCW if you want to visit other local beaches.

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Johanna Beach: worth a visit


Johanna Beach, located on the ‘Shipwreck Coast’ of the Southern Ocean, is popular with surfers and beach fishermen but is not ideal for swimming. Picnicking and walking are popular activities here, as is camping among the sand dunes. The Johanna Beach Lookout, as well as the adjacent walking trails and unique rock pools, are worth a visit.

Cape Paterson Surf Beach

This seaside community south of Melbourne has two beaches: Cape Paterson Surf Beach (or First Surf) and Cape Paterson Bay Beach. The bay beach has a calm swell and is popular with kids, whilst the Surf Beach is ideal for surfers and competent swimmers. The beach is monitored, and rock fishing off the cliffs and reefs is popular.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, with its brightly colored bathing boxes from the early 1900s, is one of the state’s most recognizable locations. This beach, like neighboring Holloway Beach, is ideal for families due to its calm swell. Fishing can also be done from the rocks and reefs.

Fairhaven Beach: One of the best beaches in Victoria


Fairhaven Beach is six kilometers long and has two surf bars, a surf lifesaving club, plenty of bathing sites, stand-up paddle boarding, and beach and river fishing. The beach is placed against the rugged vegetation of the Otway Ranges, and the region is popular with tourists. Explore the neighboring bush hikes, Cape Otway Lightstation, and Otway Fly Treetop Adventures while you’re there.

Gibson Steps: one of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches


Before you read the Twelve Apostles, you’ve probably seen photos of these renowned limestone stacks rising magnificently out of the water along the Great Ocean Road. What most people don’t realize is that you can swim here. If the weather permits, you can descend the 86 stairs built into the 70-meter-high cliffs for a swim. This has to be one of the state’s most beautiful beaches.

Beach Ninety Miles: One of the best beaches in Victoria


This 90-mile-long golden sand and pastel blue sea separates the Gippsland Lakes from the Bass Strait and is Australia’s third longest unbroken beach. Because the beach is supported by sand dunes rather than rocky outcrops or headlands, the views are flat, stunning, and never-ending. Swimming, fishing, bushwalking, and exploring the beach villages of Woodside and Seaspray are all options for visitors. Boating on the tranquil Gippsland Lakes behind the beach’s dunes is a more relaxing option.

Lorne: a popular family vacation destination


Lorne Beach is the place to go if you want blue water, wonderful surfing and swimming locations, picnic facilities, rock pools, and a big sandy beach. This location is a popular family vacation destination, and nearby Great Otway National Park provides bushwalking routes. Cast a line for barracuda, whiting, and trevally off Lorne Pier, and keep a watch out for whales migrating between May and September.

Stop at The Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is a three-minute drive west of the Twelve Apostles and features turquoise waterways, rocky surrounding forest, and excellent lookouts. The bay, named after survivors of the Loch Ard shipwreck who have safely washed ashore in 1878, is rather calm compared to the thrashing shoreline beyond. After a swim in the bay, take one of three short hikes through the area’s history.

Portarlington also ideal for family vacations

The calm waters of Port Phillip Bay make this location ideal for family vacations. Portarlington, which shares a pier with Indented Head, includes barbecues and picnic spots, as well as a big camping area. If you get tired of paddling in the clear water, go wine sampling at one of the local wineries.

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Torquay Beach


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer, this is the place to be. Torquay also has several wonderful swimming locations; for a softer swim, travel to Cosy Corner on the southern end of the beach and Fisherman’s Beach on the northern end. After a swim, head into town for a bite to eat at one of the many local establishments – fish and chips don’t get much fresher than this.

The Best Time To Visit Victoria Beaches

Summer is unquestionably the finest time to experience the sea air in Victoria. Many outdoor water sports are best enjoyed in late summer (March-April), when the weather is still warm (about 28°C or higher) and more settled.

Victoria has so many magnificent beaches and stunning coastlines that we could go on and on about. However, this list of the 15 best beaches in Victoria should give you a taste of what to expect in this stunning Australian state. Did we leave out your favorite beach in Victoria? Please let us know!

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