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What Makes Delft Such A Charming Dutch City?

What makes Delft such a charming Dutch city? It is its exciting history, gorgeous architecture, and vibrant terraces. You will figure out all of its fascinating features via our post.

The Historic Heart Of The Netherlands


First, let’s come to see Nieuwe Kerk. The Nieuwe Kerk is a splendid, gigantic church in Delft. It has great historical value to the Netherlands. This is the last resting place of important Dutch such as King Wilhelm I, Queen Wilhelmina, Maarten Tromp, and William of Orange.

Then, you should also take a look at the Historic Town Hall of Delft. It was constructed in the early 17th century by the renowned architect, Hendrik de Keyser. Its architecture echoes the Golden Age’s magnificence. And until now, it’s still one of the best Delfts signatures. 

Delft Blue Pottery – Delft City


Delft blue was created to replicate Chinese porcelain. Nevertheless, Chinese clay was not actually available in the Netherlands. As a result, the Dutch had to use clay from their rivers to create their own porcelain versions. And these Dutch goods were quite cheaper than those of the Chinese. 

From 1600 to 1700, the Delft Blue industry thrived. At its peak, there were more than 30 manufactories in and around Delft.

However, there is only the Delft Blue factory in Delft today. It is the Royal Delft Blue. Fortunately, this place is available for tourists. During the visit, you will get a full tour of the history as well as the production of Delft pottery.

The Famous Painter Johannes Vermeer


Vermeer was born in 1632 and he spent his whole life in Delft. In fact, Vermeer mostly painted interiors. After Vermeer passed away, he left about 35 artworks in total. As Vermeer was an interior painter, only 2 of the paintings were non-interior.

Johannes Vermeer is well-known for his rendering of light and shadow painting techniques. These skills gave his artwork great warmth. The mixture of softness and technical precision caused Vermeer an outstanding painter. He is one of the best Dutch painters ever.

His most famous painting is “Straatje van Vermeer”. In English, it means the “Little Street of Vermeer”. He got the inspiration for the painting from the real lovely alley between Vlamingstraat 40 – 42. As a result, this place is one of the must-visit attractions for those who are big fans of art.

The Place Where William Of Orange Was Murdered – Delft City


The Prinsenhof Museum is a stunning museum in the center of Delft. This spot witnessed one of the most historical events in the Netherlands. On July 10, 1984, Prince William of Orange was murdered here. For your information, William of Orange is one of the founders of The Netherlands.

The one that killed the Prince is Balthasar Gerards. Balthasar Gerard shot Prince William of Orange in the chest. The Prince passed away later because of his wounds. You can even see the bullet hole in the wall today.

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