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Montreal Is The Only Canadian City in The World’s 20 Best Cities In 2022, Forbes

We already knew Montreal was one of the best cities in the world, but it’s now official. Montreal is ranked ninth in the world in The World’s 20 Best Cities In 2022 by Forbes.

Only two Canadian cities cut, with Montreal outperforming Toronto (who crept in at 27 out of 53 cities). Nobody is surprised by this because we know Montreal is better than Toronto.

What exactly is the Time Out Index?

We polled 20,000 city dwellers to find out what makes their city great, from the best restaurants and neighborhoods to the nightlife and dating scene, with a focus this year on what makes their city a great place to visit right now.

What accounts for Montreal’s city high ranking?


Montreal has regained its mojo, thanks to a slew of hot new restaurant openings, secret terraces, and hidden beer gardens. With a true mountain in the heart of the city, sandy beaches scattered across the island, Tulum-inspired hotspots, and a hopping festival scene rivaled only by the nightlife after dark, it’s no surprise that Montreal made the top 10.

It’s a city where you can eat like a king on a budget, find family-friendly entertainment, and enjoy free live music, theater, and dance. Did we mention how welcoming and welcoming it is?

Why Montreal is North America’s Most Exciting City

Why it’s Great: “Montreal is a real all-rounder with a top-notch food and drink scene (93% said it’s easy to find a great meal), great art and museums (82% think there’s always something good on), and a chance to relax and enjoy green spaces and nature (80% said it’s easy to take a walk,” says Gleason.


Visit now because: It’s festival season, and the entire city is uniting to celebrate art and culture on every corner. We’re talking free concerts, waterfront festivals, and an over-the-top nightlife scene.

The big figures: This city received high marks across the board, with 93 percent of residents praising the city’s food and drink scene, 82 percent praising its art and museums, and 80 percent saying it’s easy to go for a walk in nature. A true all-star. —Time Out Canada’s Laura Osborne

Best Must-Visit Museums In Montreal

Interesting Spots Inside Montreal’s Entertainment District

The World’s 20 Best Cities In 2022:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Chicago
  • Medellín, Colombia
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Manchester, England
  • Mumbai, India
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • London, England
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Lyon, France
  • New York City
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