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What Is Kiwiana? Interesting Things About Kiwiana

You need to learn about “Kiwiana” if you want to understand New Zealand culture. This word is such a symbol of NZ that an entire town has been named “Kiwiana Town” and has a “Kiwiana Art” to represent their culture. The article below has more information about this word.

What Is Kiwiana?

The term “Kiwiana” is defined as follows: “Any of the numerous collectibles, objects evocative of New Zealand culture and life.” New Oxford Dictionary.

In short, that has something to do with the history and culture of New Zealand. However, as you’ll soon find out, they’re frequently rather peculiar things.

Interesting Things About Kiwiana

Kiwiana Has Its Own Town!


Big images of New Zealanders are hung from the streetlights in Otorohanga. When Otorohanga opened the first Kiwi house in New Zealand in 1971, everything got started. The situation worsened in 1999 when a marketing manager came up with the concept of turning the “kiwi town” into a “Kiwiana town.” The Ed Hillary Walkway, a miniature outdoor museum naturally devoted to all things New Zealand, is another Kiwiana attraction.

Foods In New Zealand You Must Try


New Zealanders love their food!

  • Afghan
  • Pavlova Cookies
  • Fish and chips
  • Ginger crunch
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Whittaker’s
  • Tip Top Ice Cream

If you love NZ food, here are Savory Food to Try in New Zealand

A Few Kiwiana Products

Buzzy Bee: is a vintage New Zealand toy that you pull along the floor while it spins its wings.

Fush n’ Chups: Kiwis adore fish and chips.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream: In New Zealand, the term for honeycomb is “hokey pokey.”


Jandals: Flip-flops, thongs, and sandals are referred to as “jandals” in New Zealand, so the term is Kiwiana. They also frequently wear them.

Kiwi: The country’s bird.

Tomato Sauce Bottle: A tomato-shaped bottle. Fun gift idea for friends and family at home.

Pavlova: A dessert from New Zealand. Discover here how to make one.


L&P: A fizzy beverage created in New Zealand.

Kiwifruit: Since it shares the same name as the bird, New Zealand simply adopted it. New Zealand also produces kiwis.

Tiki: The Maori representation of the original mortal man.

Kiwiana Art: It represents NZ’s culture with art, New Zealanders really love this art.


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