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The Netherlands Is Among Top Countries In The World To Study Abroad 2022

There has recently been a ranking of the best countries to study abroad. The Netherlands ranks #4 of the best places in Europe and #7 worldwide to study abroad in 2022, surpassing France, New Zealand, and Spain.

Rankings Of The Top Universities Overseas 2022

The top reasons for studying abroad, as ranked by students who value selecting the ideal location over a program or school, were used to determine the best places in the world to study abroad in 2022.

Rankings of the top universities abroad are based on numerous data indicators for each of these 7 factors. That is High-quality teaching, Achieving career goals, Personal development, Culture and lifestyle, Opportunities to network or make new friends, Language learning, and Adventure.


The Netherlands Ranks #4 In Europe And #7 Worldwide To Study Abroad In 2022


There are many reasons why the Netherlands is one of the best places to study in Europe and in the world. You can get a good idea of life in the Netherlands if you picture bicycles, canals, and quaint cafes on the streets of Amsterdam.

The alternative way of life adopted by the Dutch reflects their commitment to efficiency and sustainability. You’ll find that people here are quite diverse, especially environmentally conscious, and very accepting of others. From the bustling cities of Utrecht and Rotterdam to the more tranquil student towns of Groningen and Leiden.

In addition, making the choice to study in the Netherlands is simple. Despite being primarily a Dutch-speaking nation, they have some of the highest numbers of English speakers worldwide and numerous English-language university programs to match.

Besides, these elements distinguish the Netherlands as one of Western Europe’s top destinations for international study. Spend some time alone after class? There will be plenty for you to do as well! Visit the Van Gogh Museum, and take a stroll through history at Zaanse Schans. That is amazing when gazing in awe at the tulips in full bloom in the Garden of Europe. Of course, all the while savoring a stroopwafel! The Netherlands is definitely one of the top places to study abroad in 2022.

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