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Tulip Fields in The Netherlands: 10 Things You Want to Know

Fields throughout the Netherlands begin to bloom at the end of March. We buy tulips for our homes as soon as we take down the Christmas tree. However, the fields do not bloom until early April. But when they do, it’s a sight to behold. There are various spots to observe tulip fields in The Netherlands (some very un-touristy) and some regulations to follow if you want to see them. This article contains detailed information about Holland’s tulip fields.

Tulips are not native to the Netherlands.


Though Holland is famous for its tulips, and the soil in the Holland provinces of Flevoland, Drenthe, Zeeland, and Groningen has proven ideal for large-scale tulip cultivation, tulips are not native to the Netherlands. They came from Kazakhstan’s mountains and made their way to the Netherlands via Persia, China, Turkey, and Antwerp.

Holland is experiencing tulipmania.


The tulip initially appeared in the Netherlands around 1593. Tulips were originally planted only in the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, and only visitors were permitted to see the beautiful blossoms, but tulips quickly spread throughout the Netherlands, generating Tulipmania. In Dutch history, this is regarded an official era. Contract prices for bulbs of the extremely fashionable tulip reached unusually high heights during this period of the Dutch Golden Age. At one point during this period, one tulip cost what the ordinary man earned in ten months. In 1637, the market crashed. Tulipmania is often regarded as the first speculative bubble.

Tulip fields are not seen in every flower field in Holland.


Flower fields can be seen throughout the Netherlands beginning in early March. Narcissus and hyacinths are the first to bloom. So, if you arrive a little early and want to see the flower fields, you can. viewing fields and fields of bright yellow kinds of narcissus and incredibly fragrant hyacinths is almost as good as viewing tulip fields in The Netherlands.

What will become of all these tulips?

It may come as a surprise to you. Flower farmers, on the other hand, are not in it for the flowers. The bulbs are their source of income. The larger the flower bulb, the more money the farmer can earn. Tulip farmers will remove the actual flowers after they have bloomed, leaving only the stem and leaves. These provide nutrients to healthy bulbs.

Despite the fact that we Dutch adore our tulips and enjoy them in our homes and gardens, the majority of tulips and tulip bulbs are exported. Every year, the Netherlands exports approximately three billion (!) tulips and bulbs to other countries.

Tulip viewing rules in tulip fields


When visiting the tulip fields in the Netherlands, it is critical that you follow a few regulations. Yes, the fields are beautiful. I know. However, if you go through the flower fields, you risk trampling or damaging the blossoms. Or you could be carrying viruses on your clothes or shoes, causing irreversible damage to the tulips and bulbs. Tulip farmers may suffer significant financial losses as a result of this. However, you can enjoy tulips while still keeping an eye on the fields.

Do not enter the fields. The tulips may be trampled or damaged. Diseases on your shoes, on the other hand, will harm the entire crop.

Close-up shots of the tulips should be taken using a telephoto lens.

If you want to stand among the flowers, you can do so in designated fields. De Tulperij, The Tulip Barn, and The Tulip Store display Garden are designated display gardens filled with stunning tulips, other spring blooms, and entertaining decorations for that ideal Instagram shot.

Of course, Keukenhof Gardens is a tulip lover’s Disneyland. If you enjoy taking photographs, Keukenhof Gardens is the place to go.
Picking tulips from the fields is not permitted! It’s quite unkind to the farmer. There are dozens of stalls by the roadsides and at flower farms in every tulip field location in The Netherlands where you can buy flowers and bulbs at extremely inexpensive costs.

Tulip sleepover: De Groene Bollenschuur

What if you could wake up in the morning, open your curtains, and be greeted by thousands of tulips? This is a possibility if you stay at De Groene Bollenschuur. In Hillegom, this bulb barn conversion stands proudly in the middle of multiple flower fields. Enjoy the comforts of this magnificent vacation house while watching the sun rise and set over the fields.

When are the best times to see tulips in the Netherlands?

Parts of the Netherlands are turned into a sea of flowers from mid-March until mid-May. Crocuses are the first flowers to bloom in March, followed by hyacinths and narcissus. Tulips typically blossom in mid-April and continue to bloom until mid-May. Keep an eye on the weekly flower forecast if you want to be sure you’ll see tulips.

Tulip viewing locations in the Netherlands


The region surrounding the famous Keukenhof Gardens is undoubtedly the most well-known tulip-viewing location in The Netherlands. We name it the ‘Bollenstreek’: the bulb area. Hundreds of flower fields may be seen around Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, and Hillegom. If you want to see the flower fields, I recommend taking this route.


De Beemster is a neighborhood immediately north of Amsterdam. It’s also an excellent location for viewing tulip fields. Simply take a train to Purmerend and begin your Tulip walk there. If you have access to a car, you can also enjoy a Tulip drive.

The province of North Holland

Amsterdam is located in the region of North Holland, and the area north of the capital is ideal for seeing tulips. Holland boven Amsterdam has designed many walking and cycling paths that will take you through many beautiful flower fields.


In my opinion, visiting Texel is always a good idea. Especially during the months of April and May, when the flower fields are in full bloom. This map shows you where to find the most beautiful flower fields.


It’s only a short train ride from Amsterdam to Almere or Lelystad, and it’s well worth going because the Flevoland province is a gorgeous spot to visit tulip fields, and it’s still a bit of a hidden gem. As a result, you’ll almost certainly have the entire area to yourself. I know I did when I went to see my son. This route will take you through all of the flower fields near Dronten, and I also appreciated the path along Zeewolde (particularly the region around Juttepeerlan). Picking your own tulips is possible at Hanneke’s Pluktuin in Biddinghuisen. I definitely recommend staying at ‘t Voorhuys in Emmeloord, renting a bike or driving, and exploring the tulip fields and other lovely Flevoland attractions along this route.


The tulip fields are a good reason to visit Drenthe if you ever need one. It’s considerably quieter than locations surrounding Amsterdam, but there are just as many beautiful tulips. Take a stroll through Diever or rent a bike to cycle the Diever-Dwingeloo, Dwingeloo-Ansen-Diever, or Diever-Dwingeloo-Beilen routes. Tulpen Pluktuin Drenthe is a fantastic spot to come if you want to pick your own bouquet of tulips.


When it comes to Holland tulip fields, Goeree-Overflakkee is a total hidden gem. This area of Zeeland, not far from Rotterdam, is ideal for seeing tulip fields in The Netherlands away from the throng. Beautiful tulip fields can be found in the area between Dirksland, Middelharnis, Oude-Tong, and Nieuwe-Tonge. This path will take you to a variety of fields.


Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the section of Zeeland that is closest to Belgium and is a great place to see tulip fields in the spring. If you want to combine a seaside vacation with some tulip-spotting, I highly recommend visiting Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The majority of flower fields in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen can be found around Hulst.

Where can I go to see tulips around Amsterdam?


Lisse and Hillegom are the most well-known flower fields in the Netherlands. You can take the train to Hillegom and then walk through the tulip fields. However, I recommend getting a rental bike (in advance) that you can pick up at the station, as this route is ideal for seeing the most of de Bollenstreek and its magnificent fields by bike.

Gardens of Keukenhof

The Gardens of Keukenhof. It’s a real thing. Personally, I believe that driving or cycling through the fields, taking in the vastness of it all, is the best experience. However, if you are short on time and want to see tulips arranged in the most imaginative ways and take numerous photographs of these creations, Keukenhof is the place to go. I recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance online and arrive early. Take bus 397 from Amsterdam Central Station to Keukenhof Gardens. Take bus 341 from Amsterdam-Zuid train station to Keukenhof Gardens.

Biking through the Keukenhof Gardens

If you want to view the Holland tulip fields but don’t want to plan everything yourself, a Keukenhof guided bike tour is a great option. The Keukenhof bike trips are available from mid-April to mid-May and sell out quickly, so plan beforehand. This guided bike trip will take you by fields of tulips (with plenty of photo opportunities), the Keukenhof castle (surrounded by flowers), and windmills. In April or May, it’s an ideal day excursion from Amsterdam.


Beemster is the name given to a neighborhood just north of Amsterdam. And if you want to see tulips while in Amsterdam, Beemster is definitely the best place to do so. Because you may take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Purmerend and begin your tulip stroll from there.


Almere and Lelystad are only a short distance from Amsterdam. I recommend taking the train to Lelystad, renting a bike, and seeing the most stunning flower meadows along this cycling route.

Keukenhof Gardens should be visited.

The Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse are probably the most well-known destination in the Netherlands to observe tulips and other spring flowers in full bloom. Over 7 million flower bulbs bloom across 32 hectares every year. The beautiful smell, as well as the unique and artistic displays, are overwhelming. The playground, petting zoo, and maze will be popular with children. Because visits to Keukenhof are quite popular with both Dutch and foreign visitors, I recommend that you reserve your tickets online in advance. Bus 397 from Amsterdam Central Station will take you right to Keukenhof Gardens. I recommend doing this bike tour before or after your visit to explore more of the Lisse and Hillegom area and the stunning tulip fields.

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