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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Ireland In June

You will find the top reasons why you should visit Ireland in June after reading our text. We ensure that it’s helpful and inspired enough for you to embark on the journey to this country immediately.

Warm Summer – Why Should Visit Ireland


In 2019, just like other current years, the extreme heat covers the better parts of Europe during summer. People find it hard to commute between countries. 

Meanwhile, the heat waves in the summertime have almost no affection on Ireland because of its oceanic spot. The moderate temperature in Ireland in June can be from 10 to 17°C.

Generally, the weather in Ireland in June is like the remained time of the year, with constant and slight changeable temperatures. It means that – June will be a little bit warmer.

Short And Gentle Rainfall


We already know that Ireland is the motherland of 40 colorings of green. But why is it? It’s because they have lovely pouring rain!

The monthly amount of rainfall in Ireland in June is about 70mm. So, when coming to this country in June, you can have a chance to experience at least a rainfall.

But don’t worry, rain in Ireland in June tends to come in quick showers. That’s why the Irish have a saying that nothing in the Irish weather is intense, even the rain.

No Crowds In June – Why Should Visit Ireland


First of all, Ireland is seldom crowded in June. It’s the mainstream sites in Europe such as Paris, Rome, London, etc. that draw much attention.

Unlike other areas of Europe during the middle of the summer, you are unlikely to encounter lines and gatherings if you choose Ireland as your destination. 

Time To Watch Sunset Scenery


In fact, sunset in Ireland in June can occur as late as 11 p.m. Irish people describe this amusing moment of the year as  “A grand stretch in the evenings”. 

For you, visitors, long and bright days and late sunsets give you more time to explore with Vagabond! And what is better? You will have more time to appreciate the island’s well-known classical music shows and nightlife in cheerful pubs.

Enjoy The Midsummer Solstice Festival – Why Should Visit Ireland


The most antique Irish celebrations spin around the weather and motions of the sun. The Summer Solstice carried certain value in pre-Christian Ireland. This is the most extended day and the briefest night of the year.

Today, people still celebrate the Midsummer. The Summer Solstice happens on the 21st of June each year. People assemble at age-old memorials, such as portal tombs and stone circles. About the 23rd of June, they light fires on beaches in western and southern parts and the Aran Islands as well. This is understood regionally as St. John’s or Bonfire Night.

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