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Top Reasons To Study In New Zealand

Getting confused about what place to study abroad? Let’s take a look and find out the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

Safe and Secure – Reasons To Study In New Zealand


A safe and steady life is waiting for you if you choose New Zealand to study abroad. New Zealand lives up to its name as one of the securest nations in the world to live regular local and nationwide government, a low rate of crime, and sociable citizens. Plus, it is also recorded in the 3rd rank of the Global Peace Index.

Especially, The Code of Practice for The Pastoral Care of International Students will make sure all the multinationals are safe and well taken care of. Also, it is required for every instructor and teacher to stay by this code. 

Quality of education


New Zealand provides students with outstanding quality education. For instance, you can learn hands-on experience in research centers, experiment labs, and master professors. The quality of this country will never disappoint you in terms of studying and education. 

In New Zealand, all the studying programs of public universities have to go through strict quality assessments. Other non-university education programs need the approval of theNew Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) before publishing. And the New Zealand government association is in charge of quality management. 

The background of the education technique here is built on the British education model. That’s why all the students can get practical experience and easily seize the chance to work worldwide. The university degrees you receive in New Zealand are equal to Universities in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. This is another reason why you should study in New Zealand.

Lower living costs and reasonable educational fees – Reasons To Study In New Zealand


If you are expecting to live in a good environment with high-tech and modern facilities, New Zealand is a perfect destination for you. The living expenses are surely is much less in comparison with other top educational places.

Convenient transportation, good accommodation, and food are all at reasonable prices. This is making a student’s life in New Zealand less demanding than in other nations like the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, etc.

Especially, international students can earn an opportunity to select from the variety of scholarships that are available for their learning. If you want to apply for a scholarship, you can contact the university’s counselor or even the local authority. They won’t hesitate to help you. Receiving an academic grant may allow you to further decrease your fees.

Student-friendly environments


You will find it hard to make friends in a brand new environment, but it is for sure not the case in New Zealand. As we mentioned before, New Zealanders are gentle and nice as well as students who come from other nations. 

If you are new, the university’s guide will help you with the right preparation. You can also catch up with other mates since they are multinationals just like you. 

Plus, in New Zealand, people of all ages can come to university to study. Students with average scores are free to pursue an awesome teaching system in New Zealand

Work while you study – Reasons To Study In New Zealand


To help ease your financial burden, you can take up a part-time job during your study in New Zealand. Your working hours can be about 20 hours a week. On national holidays or during your planned breaks you can work full-time. However, you must provide your course which has 120 credits or more for the suddenly checking. 

The pay for a part-time job is quite ideal. You are free to get to work in any field and job that attracts you. For those who are taking the Ph.D. course, one of the common affairs for them is working on campus. This is the best way to gain great experience while studying. 

But please kindly note that a part-time job is not the way for you to make ends meet. You must remember the reason why to come to New Zealand. It is to learn and enrich your knowledge, not to work and set aside your study. However, looking on the bright side, you are able to get to know more people if you go outside and make stuff. This is also a great chance to learn more about various cultures that help you discover new things.

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