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Top 7 Flexible Part-Time Jobs In New Zealand

Here is the list of the top 7 flexible part-time jobs in New Zealand, especially for international students. If you want to ease the burden of living expenses, you should obviously seek some now. We hope to provide useful information to deal with your problems.

Remote English Teacher


This is truly a dream job for you to earn extra money. You don’t have to pay money for transportation and the teaching time can be flexible as well. 

For those who are learning languages at school and being international students in New Zealand, working as a teacher will help you improve your knowledge and gain practical experience. 

Organizations such as DuoCloud often seeking appliances for this position so you should pay more attention to applying. Besides, you can find more opportunities at English Language Partners NZ, Wellington In2Learning Tuition Centre, etc., and other language centers.

Normally, the payment for this job is about $29 per hour.

Delivery Driver – Part-Time Jobs For International Students In New Zealand


A delivery driver’s duty is to gather packages from distribution centers, then send them to customers’ addresses in the right amount of time. 

The employers will provide you with vehicles so it’s needed to know how to ride. You can easily find such delivery jobs at shipping businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. 

The money paid for a delivery driver is approximately $20 for an hour.

Freelance Writer


For those who love writing and other relevant stuff, you can find yourself a job as a freelance writer. This job includes writing and editing content for businesses such as fan pages and website content, emails, and blogs.

There are companies that frequently hire for this position, for example, The Creative Store, Conscious Health, Write Home,  Medentry, Noissue,…

The salary is about $21.22 per hour.

Remote Sales Rep – Part-Time Jobs For International Students In New Zealand


Your responsibility as a sales rep is to help run businesses by selling different products and services. The majority of the job now can be performed remotely over the mobile phone or through online selling platforms.

Doing the job may help you sharpen your mind by remembering suitable goods and their functions to introduce to customers. It may train you to be a better person with good manners and a gentle voice.

Since the job directly contributes to the increase in sales, it’s really well-treated with $40 per hour.



Another common job when it comes to temporary work is transcription. Being a transcriptionist, you will have to listen to voice recordings, then transform them into written copies.

Occasionally, you will have to work in an office. But in most cases, the time and place are flexible so you can work remotely as long as you make sure to finish the tasks on time.

However, please kindly note that this transcription job may cost you a decent amount of time. Because you have to listen to the record again and again to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

Eventually, transcriptionist is still a hot job since the salary is quite high. It’s about $21.63 for an hour of working.

Search Engine Evaluator – Part-Time Jobs For International Students In New Zealand


This is a great part-time option for an IT student. You will test diverse search engines for precision, effectiveness, quality, etc. Most of the vacancies do not require you to go to the company. However, you need to make sure you have enough facilities to perform the job well. 

Many businesses need employees for this position such as Sykes, Appen TELUS International, etc.

The common salary is about $19 for an hour of working.

Social Media Strategist


Being a social media strategist you will handle social media presence for a business. Your major responsibility is to generate content for social posts, reply to comments, and observe and analyze data on different platforms. 

If you are studying media or PR, you can try applying for a celebrity social image management position. With your academic knowledge, you may perform well and gain hands-on knowledge as well. 

You can find your part-time job at Design Juice Ltd, Hospice EBOP, Volunteer Service Abroad, etc.

The average salary for this position is $21 per hour.

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