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Top Most Popular Water Sports In Oahu

The top most popular water sports in Oahu will fill your to-do list when visiting this beautiful island. There are endless recreational activities that can satisfy your adventure soul. Figure them out and choose your best favorites.

Snorkeling – Water Sports In Oahu


This is one of the most attractive water games for travelers to Hawaii in general and to Oahu in particular. It’s a wholesome, energetic, and thrilling way to at the ready get up close and unique with the aquatic world. Since the water is kind of calm, just an amateur can also try it out.

Besides, don’t miss out on a boat expedition that will take you distant offshore. Following these tours, you can enjoy your best snorkeling experience by diving deep into the crystal clear water and watching turtles and fish, and other interesting marine creatures.



If you’re a newbie, the best place to learn your very first surfing lesson is on Waikiki Beach. It is because the beach is famous for its gentle water with peaceful wave patterns.

However, when it comes to surfing, you must go to Oahu. This place has the most extended history of surf culture all over the Hawaiian Islands by far. As mentioned before, amateurs go to Waikiki, and experts go to the North Shore. There are well-known beaches in Oahu for surfing such as Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, Pipeline, etc. People come here to experience the unique great-wave breaks that nowhere in the world can offer.

Sailing – Water Sports In Oahu


Nothing can offer an island-type experience than watching it from a sailboat. So, to enjoy the wilderness sights and the wind’s power, we suggest you join in a sailing tour when coming to Oahu.

Stepping on a catamaran that you find on Waikiki Beach is all you need to do. The serene waters add up more to a tranquil background to enjoy a sunrise sail or a twilight joyful hour. It sounds extremely interesting, right?

Scuba Diving


Oahu gives great chances to all talent ranks for scuba divers. They have three primary locations for diving centers and boat journeys namely Haleiwa on the North Shore, Honululu or Waikiki Beach in Kewalo Basin, and Hawaii Kai in Maunalua Bay.

This activity in Hawaii allows people to experience a mixture of wildlife. Some popular species you can spot such as dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, octopus, sharks, etc. 

However, for those who expect to catch the colorful beauty of coral, we are sad to say that the sight may disappoint you. It is because reefs in Hawaiian are primarily muted colors, unlike those in Southeast Asia or the Caribbean. 

Watching Whales on Boat Tour – Water Sports In Oahu


A whale fan can never miss this unique type to watch the whales – hiring a boat to see them at a closer distance. 

We suggest picking an undersized-boat expedition that carries 10 individuals or less. A smaller one may not have whistles and bells, meanwhile, a bigger one offers you more needed accommodations. 

These expeditions likewise are more personal, with a firm guide on schooling and concern for the environment. Famous companies we advise for you’re Pink Sails and Nani Kai Ocean Adventures.

Whale Watching


In about 5 months, from November to March, when coming to Oahu, Hawaii, you can catch the extraordinary sight of humpback whales swimming. People say that around 10,000 emigrate from Alaska to the warmer areas in the South Pacific to breed. 

Kayaking – Water Sports In Oahu


Kayaking is an extremely favored sport due to its convenience and reasonableness. They are affordable to hire at various prices, but we make sure they’re always less than $100 for a day. And more important, there’s no need for you to be a pro to play this marine game.

This is truly worth trying for all of the visitors when coming to Oahu. The experience is a wonderful mixture of watching surface reefs, enjoying the calm water and soft waves, and of course, more offshore islands to discover. 

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