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The Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

What are the most popular and have the highest-paying part-time jobs for students in Canada? If you are finding for a short-term job to ease your financial burden or just to get more hands-on knowledge, you should read our text. 

Freelancer – Part-Time Jobs in Canada


If working from home is a suitable option for you, then find a job with the title including freelancer. There are plenty of jobs that need freelance vacancies, such as web designer, copywriter, freelance writer, translator, graphic designer, etc.

Generally, freelance jobs come with significant payment. However, it still depends on your customers and the rate of position you perform. They can pay you about $25 for an hour of working

Teacher’s assistant


If you want to get more practical experience in the academic field in general and in teaching in particular, you should try to be a teacher’s assistant. Or else, just the intention of assisting or helping people, such as teachers, professors, etc. you can still find more about this job.

In fact, in Canada, high-positioning teachers usually hire assistants to support them with training students, preparing lesson schedules, reviewing papers works, and lessening class. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue about this position, they don’t have a quite high demand for experience when selecting an assistant. The moderate salary for this title is approximately $15-16 an hour.

Server or Bartender – Part-Time Jobs in Canada


If you can only work at night you can try the server or bartender position. Those who want to get experience in the service field can also give it a try. These jobs often require you to work on weekends or during weeknights.

Though the average pay for this job is quite low, it gives you more time to concentrate on your study. However, if you perform well, you can receive a generous amount of tips from your kind customers. 

In conclusion, how much you make completely relies on the place you operate in, your consumers, as well as your time. Overall, you can get a salary of about $11.00 per hour, not including the tips.



Students with an excellent base of academic knowledge in specific subjects can apply for a tutor job. Of course, besides your good scores in school, you have to be a patient person who loves teaching and even inspiring in some cases.

Tutoring allows you to select your slot and need unassisted. You can teach any subject you want and you are good at. You can also decide your student’s range such as elementary, high school, or even university and college level. 

Basically, people can get from $15 to $20 for an hour of teaching, relying on the subject they take and the number of learners they teach.

Ridesharing Driver – Part-Time Jobs in Canada


This is a win-win job for those in love with traveling. In an optimistic way, you can both explore the neighborhood and make money at the same time. 

This job is quite favored among multinational students in Canada. They often work as Lyft or Uber drivers. Due to the job’s convenience and flexibility, it may well suit your study schedule. You can control your time as you want and rarely make wrong in your academic results.

The only thing you need is a driver’s license, a smartphone, and of course, a car. For your information, in Canada, to get a driver’s license, you have to be at least 21 years old.

Your incomes depend on how frequently you drive, however, on average you can have about $14 to $25 an hour as a ridesharing driver.

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