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Top fun things to do in Amsterdam when darkness falls

Walking around the city and experiencing the nightlife in Amsterdam might be overwhelming. We’ve highlighted a few activities you may do to make the most of your time in this Dutch city.

The city lights


After dusk, Amsterdam is a stunning place to visit. Take a walk around the canal, which lights up the streets and makes them appear wonderful at night; couples, take note! You could drown in this city’s romance. If you time it right, you can also see the Amsterdam Festival of Lights. You can travel up specific roads to witness the city’s brilliant lights. You can even get a quick bite at a diner or cafe.

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Brewery Heineken

Nothing beats a refreshing lager freshly produced in Amsterdam at one of the world’s most renowned breweries. This brewery was founded in 1867, but it was closed in 1988 and then reopened as a museum in 2001. You can learn about the history of Heineken and enjoy sampling. This is the place to be if you enjoy a beer!

Culture of clubbing


The best EDM in the world can be found in Amsterdam. Gather your buddies and go to a nightclub or pub for a night of music and drinking. Club Hartje, Club Prime, and Melkweg are just a few examples; the list is endless. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to dance with your buddies all night. In all of the clubs, you’ll discover a slew of Dutch and international DJs spinning live music.

The district of red lights

Everyone has a negative perception of the Red Light District, but if you are in Amsterdam, you must visit one. The streets illuminated in red neon reveal an entirely different side of the city. The atmosphere appears to be more carnival-like than the conventional somber image of such sites. The women in the lit windows are looking for customers. Continue on to explore some of the world’s most famous museums, such as the Erotic Museum and the Red Light Secret Museum, and you can always get a food or a decent cup of coffee at any of the nearby cafes.

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The Eye Film Museum


Because of its distinctive architectural style, this museum is Amsterdam’s most recognizable structure. It houses over 37,000 movie titles, 60,000 posters, and 700,000 photos. You can spend some time looking through artifacts from the early days of the Dutch film industry. Visitors can also watch classics and the latest art house flicks in four comfy cinemas. There is a lot of interactive filming equipment throughout the museum. This location is enjoyable for people of all ages to visit. On weekends, this rate is available until 10 p.m.


It is the city’s biggest pride and an internationally known concert hall. Its sound is just outstanding, and it has hosted events including internationally renowned performers. You can attend an event here and see one of the world’s largest and most visited concert halls. This hall has been entertaining audiences for the past 125 years. This majestic structure also houses the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. It also offers events such as the Master Pianists Series, The Bach Choir, and the Dutch Orchestra on a regular basis.

A’DAM Tower

After sunset, you must visit the A’DAM tower. From their 360-degree viewing deck, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Amsterdam. The beautifully lit streets, winding canals, and historic buildings may be seen from the 22-story skyscraper. It also offers fantastic restaurants with views that serve practically every type of meal. The daring should try ‘Over the Brink,’ Europe’s tallest swing, where you can swing over 100 meters over the edge of the tower and the entire city below you.

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The dinner train

Do you believe that only Switzerland has a distinctive rail experience? This is an intriguing aspect of Dutch culture. Take the luxury Dinner train from Amsterdam Central Station through the Amsterdam countryside. Upon boarding, you will be served a four-course lunch and some welcome drinks while sightseeing. The broad menu includes selections of fish, meat, and vegetarian. On board, every food is produced fresh.

The Van Gogh Museum


If you enjoy art, especially Van Gogh paintings, this is the spot to see in Amsterdam. This museum is completely dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, the most famous person in Western art history. Most travelers who visit Amsterdam for a few days will undoubtedly visit this museum to see what people from other planets have painted. You may learn about his life and work, and optional guides are offered at the museum for interested tourists. It has approximately 200 drawings and 700 paintings of legends.

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Culture of coffee shops

This phase may be difficult for the participants, but it is available to everyone to try. The coffee shops in Amsterdam are more than just coffee shops. It is legal to buy and smoke pot and hash in this state. They provide a separate smoking area where you may unwind and mingle with other customers. If you are not a smoker, you can ingest edible cannabis products such as macaroons and cookies. As a result, the quantity you can purchase is limited, and you are not permitted to consume or transport alcohol by law, as mixing these two substances is legally prohibited. You can get caught if you don’t follow the rules, so drink responsibly and enjoy the Amsterdam atmosphere.

Are you looking forward to exploring Amsterdam at night?

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