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Top 7 Famous Things In New Zealand You Should Know

Known as a faraway island located in the South Pacific ocean, New Zealand, without a doubt, is one of the best countries people should visit once in life. Coming to New Zealand, everyone could enjoy Maori culture or go sightseeing with incredible landscapes here. To make the trip more awesome, you should write down these top 7 famous things in New Zealand!

Sheep – famous things in New Zealand


The dominance of sheep!

New Zealand is home to more than 29 million sheep while its population is only 5 million. It is interesting when you can spot many white dots wandering o fields than find people. To have the best trip to a sheep farm, travelers should go to the South which has a long history of herding, especially in Mackenzie Basin.

Hiking trail – famous thing in new Zealand


Hiking or tramping should be on top of the list when you come to New Zealand!

This country has vast natural areas and stunning sceneries that are waiting for you to explore. Choosing one track that suits your fitness level and carefully preparing a hiking pack, now you are ready to go through every range of desolate mountains, from lush forests to glacial lakes. 

Lord Of The Rings


Maybe you do not know but Lord Of The Ring was filmed in New Zealand.

This epic trilogy has brought those picturesque landscapes to the big screen. And surely, they have mesmerized every eye and attracted many visitors since then. You could enjoy many free famous locations in Lord Of The Rings or by taking a popular Hobbiton tour.



Wine in New Zealand will set you to a whole new different level!

The most crucial factor that has contributed to the delicious taste of this island’s wine is geography and climate. Because of those differences, New Zealand is able to produce a wide range of stunning flavors, from aromatic, subtle white wine to tangy red wine. Vineyards are everywhere in the country, especially in the East region. So it is convenient for travelers to find a locally made wine that suits their style. 

Rugby – national sport of New Zealand


When it comes to New Zealand, rugby needs to be called out!

Kiwi people, at every age, are intensely passionate about rugby. It is more than a game, rugby is their national soul and obsession. To catch a piece of the rugby spirit, visitors can check game days on New Zealand sports websites at first, then just go and experience the exciting atmosphere at the stadium.



Speaking of rugby, how could we forget Haka – a traditional dance performed by the All Black (nation rugby team) at the beginning of every match. This lively dance originated from Maori culture and was performed to intimidate their enemies before battle and to represent their pride and unity. Non-Maori is welcome to learn Haka, they can come to Rotorua and meet Te Arawa, a local tribe that is always willing to coach their visitors. 

Manuka Honey


Manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate the special flowers only growing in New Zealand. Experts have proven that this unique honey contains Methylglyoxal which is effective in healing wounds, treating skin, and reinforcing the body’s immune system. 

Visitors can purchase the products at every supermarket or health store in New Zealand.

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