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Top 7 Famous Medieval Castles In Ireland

Do you know that Ireland has more than 30,000 castles remaining? They are scattered throughout the country with a long Irish history. If you want to have an ideal luxury vacation, a stay-in Irish castle will be the best option for you. There are even some haunted castles for those who like thrilling exploration. Let’s find out the top 7 famous medieval castles in Ireland that are worth paying a visit to!

Blarney Castle – the best castle in Ireland


Blarney Castle is a medieval stronghold near Cork, Ireland, and stands next to River Martin. The McCarthy family was the first owner of the castle in the 15th century. It is now available for tourists to visit and see the famous “Blarney Stone”. Many people believe that someone who kisses Blarney stone will receive “the gift of gab”.

Cahir Castle


Cahir is one of the top castles people should go to in Ireland. They were built in the 13th century by Conor O’Brien, Prince of Thomond. Thanks to a strong defense structure around them, the castle can survive throughout its long history though it used to be attacked in 1650. This old building hugs the River Suir and stands near a village, where people can come to learn more about this fortress.

Malahide Castle


Malahide castle stays in the middle of a vast parkland and botanical garden, which makes it has a greenery beautiful view. There are plenty of activities for families and tourists to do outside the grass yard. You can tour around to see the old stunning design in Oak Room or Gothic Great Hall and even the gorgeous painting collection.

Ashford Castle


Ashford Castle was built in 1228 and has been refurbished to be a five-star hotel for those who like a luxury vacation. Not only that, but this famous castle also has a popular wedding service for couples. With more than 83 guest rooms, visitors can book to stay in and enjoy the beauty of Victorian architecture in the past era.

Bunratty Castle – the best castle in Ireland


Bunratty is one of the famous castles in Ireland that you cannot miss. The MacNamara family built the castle in the 1400s and now it is one of the most famous Irish travel spots. Come to the castle, visitors not only can see the art, tapestries, and furniture of the medieval era but also enjoy the banquets held here every day. 

Ross Castle


Do you like something thrilling and a little bit scary? Then you must visit Ross castle.

The O’Donoghue clan constructed this 15th-century castle near the Lakes of Killarney. This fortress, with its rusty design, has started plenty of supernatural rumors, including that of a spirit who still wanders around. 

Dunluce Castle – the best castle in Ireland


In the list of top famous medieval castles in Ireland, we have to spend one room for Dunluce. 

The castle stays stunning on the coastal cliff in County Antrim, Northern Ireland with a dramatic setting. If you do not know, Dunluce used to appear in the famous HBO series, Game Of Thrones. Visitors can take a guided tour going through the ruins that still remained from the 16th century, and stay until evening to enjoy the gorgeous sunset view.  

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