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Top 7 Best Nostalgic Snacks In Hawaii

This post is, maybe, not exactly for visitors (we’re sorry), but for people whose homeland is Hawaii. So, here are the top 7 best nostalgic snacks in Hawaii. However, if you, an outsider, want to try some, you can still read it! 

Hurricane Popcorn  


You can’t enjoy a movie at its fullest without Hurricane Popcorn. Seasoning with furikake mochi crunch, and butter, this popcorn is truly a must for a better watching-movie experience. 

The special thing here is the furikake consists of sugar, salt, sesame seeds, and seaweed. This makes the snack even more flavourful. 

However, remember to bring a tissue with you if you eat Hurricane Popcorn outside cause this snack will leave your hands a mess full of butter.

Arare – Best Snacks In Hawaii


These crunchy rice crackers appear in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Arare is also a common and ideal snack in Hawaii.

The crackers have a flavor of soy sauce with a little bit of spicy, sweetness and are covered in seaweed.   

Li Hing Mui Powder


This is a famous kind of crack seed in Hawaii. It is in the shape of powder and is an important ingredient in Hawaiʻi’s best favorite candies. From dried mango to gummies, just a coat of li hing mui powder will add a fantastic sour and sweet flavor.   

Crack Seed – Best Snacks In Hawaii


Just a slight glimpse of crack seed’s savory taste combination can make people’s salivary glands tingle. It is a mixture of sweet, sour, and salty.

You can find crack seed stores across the islands. They fill the stores with jars of various sorts of conserved fruit. Or else, as a must-try, you can buy it at grocery stores.

In fact, the sweet and sour flavor may be startling at first, but the special taste is unforgettable, in a good way, of course.

White Rabbits


This kind of candy is quite unique. You can see they wrap the candy in thin rice paper.

Longstanding fans of White Rabbits surely have the same memory of surprise when knowing that the wrapping rice paper is edible. Though White Rabbits now have many flavors, vanilla is still the best famous classic.   

Dried Cuttlefish – Best Snacks In Hawaii


We ensure that its flavor is way better than its smell. This is a seafood jerky with a chewy texture, and salty taste and is full of protein.

The dried fish appears a little sweet or spicy as well. This snack is great for grazing because you will always feel not enough.

Maui Onion Chips


Maui onion chips are kind of familiar with potato chips. It tastes barely sweet, salty, and crispy. People season it with Maui onion and roast it until it appears perfectly gold. The chips have a scrumptious crunch and savory taste. 

It’s great to share this snack with friends during a short walk along the seashore.

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