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Top 7 Activities in Canada That Will Make You Say Oh Canada

In addition to the beautiful attractions of Niagara Falls and the enchanting mountains of Vancouver, Canada has many other interesting things like visiting polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

If you are looking for an incredibly memorable holiday in Canada, then this article can give you the perfect mix you need. Here are 7 bucket lists worth doing to get the most out of your itinerary to Canada.

Top 7 Activities You Must Try in Canada

1. Spend the Night in an Ice Hotel in Quebec


Was staying in a five-star hotel carved completely out of ice on your initial bucket list for Canada? Obviously, you’d be missing out if you didn’t think about visiting this amazing place. Each year in the midst of the winter, a new structure is carved from scratch, equipped with enough ice carvings and sculptures, a fireplace, lounge areas, and a bed covered in warm blankets and arctic sleeping bags for the guests who stay there. You need not worry about being too cold when experience this activity in Canada.

2. See the Polar bears at Churchill Manitoba


Getting close to a polar bear in its natural habitat usually takes a lengthy and costly expedition cruise or flight, but in Churchill, Manitoba known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” this extraordinary experience is within reach for everybody. In Churchill, you may go on a polar bear safari and see these wonderful animals as they carefully scrape the ground in front of their inquisitive eyes. It’s also not out of the ordinary to have a polar bear come up to your Jeep when you’re parked and stand on its hind legs to peer through the windows. While you’re out on your safari, don’t forget to get out your camera and snap some stunning shots of the native wildlife.

3. Road Trip Through Canadian Rocky Mountains


Since the Canadian Rocky Mountains are home to some of Canada’s most well-known attractions, such as Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, skipping out on a road trip through the region is a regret to any visitor. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks will become one of the most stunning places you visit, whether you have only one day to drive through and take in the sights or a full month to indulge in all the amazing outdoor activities. Trekking, white river rafting, and horseback riding are all among the best in the world. However, when winter arrives, the region comes alive with some of the world’s greatest ice climbing, skiing, and snowboarding.

4. Soak in the Views from the CN Tower – unique activity in Canada

How about climbing up Canada’s tallest building, the CN Tower and soaking in the mesmerizing Toronto city views from a height of 1,815? More than two million foreign tourists come every year because it is a defining feature of the Toronto skyline. Just 15 seconds is all it takes to reach the roof. It is very fast, and you should prep yourself for some ear-popping. When you reach the top, you’ll be blessed with a spectacular and marvelous panoramic view over the wider Toronto region from the observation deck.


5. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking northern lights


Another must-try activity in Canada definitely goes for Northern lights hunting in the city of Whitehorse, regarded as the ideal spot to view a spectacular lights show. Remember, the greatest time to witness the aurora borealis is between 10 PM and 3 AM during the first few weeks of the winter season when the sky is clear, dark, and moonless.

6. Skate on the Rideau Canal

rideau-canal-skating-rink (1)

One of the most iconic things to do during Canadian winter is Ice skating on the Rideau Cana, the world’s largest skating rink where locals and visitors alike make the most of it as a means of transportation and form of recreation. Skates are available to rent from Capital Skates by the Mackenzie King Bridge, at Fifth Avenue and at Dows Lake. The price for 2 hours is $16, and $8 for an extra hour.

7. Skiing and snowboarding


Blessed with a wide range of vast snow-capped mountains, Canada becomes one of the best locations for skiing and snowboarding. Whistler, Mont-Tremblant, Banff, Blue Mountain, Sun Peaks – the list goes on and on. You better try them out! This is one of the most interesting activity you must try in Canada in winter.

Travel tips to travel Canada in Winter.

Winter is coming and we provide some essential tips that help you survival to winter in Canada:

  • Tight clothes should be avoided at all costs. The tighten they are, the less blood can circulate to your feet, which increases the risk of frostbite.
  • When the temperature drops, it’s crucial to keep your exposed skin covered. A wool hat, gloves, and warm socks are essential.
  • Ice grips or cleats, which you may affix to the soles of your shoes, are essential for walking on icy surfaces.
  • Despite high latitudes, winter sunburns are more common than you may imagine. So be sure to bring along sunscreen. A pair of sunglasses will also help avoid the snow glare.
  • Tourist spots and services may have shorter open hours in the winter. There it’s a good idea to confirm the open times before heading out.
  • Prepare for delays by having a flexible itinerary. Due to the possibility of bad weather, World Nomads might be useful. Their website makes it simple and fast to get a quotation.
  • And finally, avoid cotton clothing at all costs as it will soak up any moisture from the air and make you cold.

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