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Top 5 Amazing Lūʻau on Oʻahu Island You Must Experience in 2022

A visit to the islands of Oʻahu would not be complete without attending a Lūʻau. What makes a great Lūʻau? There’s ʻono food, vibrant Hawaiian music, powerful drumming, live performances, and hula lessons that will leave everyone out of their seats. These are the Lūʻau displays on Oʻahu that you absolutely must attend.

Paradise Cove Lūʻau


This is truly a party on a 12-hectare beachfront property. Visitors will be greeted with aloha and mai tais cocktails. Then the fun activities will really begin.

Visitors test their talent in various Hawaiian-style games, but the most exciting activity is a game of hukilau on the beach. All are invited to pull the fishing nets from the sea to the rhythm of the conch shells and recite the Hawaiian scriptures. Rest assured, after a light workout, you’ll have a feast of traditional Hawaiian dishes and local favorites. Visitors will enjoy unforgettable performances celebrating Hawaiian and Polynesian culture as the sun sets.

Germaine’s Lūʻau


Near the Barber’s Point lighthouse in Kapolei, a laid-back backyard party can be found at Germaine’s Lūʻau. Lua is a decades-old tradition. The celebration continues today with traditional imu, an all-you-can-eat buffet of local favorites, hula lessons and mesmerizing performances.

Aliʻi Lau at the Polynesian Cultural Center


Aliʻi Lau at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oʻahu’s North Shore is one of the largest in the Islands and offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience. From traditional games and canoeing to bonfires and cooking, guests are invited to participate in a range of hands-on lessons. Visitors can also explore replicas of Polynesian villages and learn about diaspora communities across the Pacific Ocean by interacting with friendly performers.

Immersive educational programming continues into the night as guests dine on local and Hawaiian dishes. For dinner, an entire pig is roasted in an underground imu (an underground pit for grilling meat and other foods) and served as an all-you-can-eat buffet. And of course, there’s a fun hula show to follow.

Lūʻau at Sea Life Park 


Ka Moana Lūʻau at Sea Life Park is a unique landmark on Oʻahu’s beautiful windswept coast. With stunning views of the coast as a backdrop, guests at Ka Moana Lūʻau can experience the Islands’ centuries-old traditions, such as coconut tree climbing, traditional bonfires and imu rituals. Guests can also order sweet Hawaiian rolls, juicy pork kālua and huli huli chicken, poi, salmon lomi and more on their plate. The evening is filled with exciting entertainment and dances that celebrate the history and culture of Polynesia.

Hale Koa Hotel Lūʻau


Just a few steps from Hale Koa Hotel’s main beach and swimming pool, guests can experience the hotel’s award-winning laundromat. When the conch sounds, it signals the beginning of an exciting festival. The night begins with an imu tradition and a three-course dinner, including a pork kālua and poi tasting. After dinner, guests can relax and enjoy a beautiful show that takes them through Polynesia’s history. Washing is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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