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Top 4 Ways to Visit the Maori Rocks in Ngatoroirangi Bay!

The Maori rock carvings of Ngatoroirangi Bay are among New Zealand’s most distinctive contemporary art pieces. The tower is 14 meters above Lake Taupo. You can only see them when gliding out in the middle of Lake Taupo. Check out the best ways to visit this iconic New Zealand attraction.

Family-friendly sailing is the best way to explore Maori Rocks

Family sailing in Ngatoroirangi Bay
Family sailing in Ngatoroirangi Bay

A boat tour is not to be missed to keep the little ones safe and happy. Refer to Ernest Kemp – a replica steamboat that glides peacefully across the lake. There is plenty of space inside and a raised bar around the deck so the kids can run around safely. Refreshing drinks are available onboard…

The outdoor Ngatoroirangi Maori Rock Carving tour aboard Cruise Cat is another family-friendly alternative like the giant cat in the lake. The tour gets you close enough to the carvings to see the intricate details and offers lots of fun for kids, including coloring and treasure hunting.The captain on the boat is amiable, and they can even let you test drive the boat if you smile at them – not a bad experience.

Romantic sunset sails

sunset sails in Ngatoroirangi Bay
sunset sails in Ngatoroirangi Bay

Watch the sunset over Lake Taupo and the mountains of Tongariro National Park as you glide across the water on a cruise ship.

Visit Lake Taupo by sunset cruise. Departing at 6:30 pm will take you to Ngatoroirangi Maori Rock Carvings, allow you to swim in the pristine lake waters, and offer pizza and two drinks as you go boat to the iconic peach-colored Taupo sunset.

There will be a daily Cocktail Cruise sailing from 5 pm from December to March. Sail to the carvings and around the picturesque bays of Lake Taupo while you enjoy a complimentary drink in the summer breeze.

In addition, in winter, you can relax on the Knight Rider scenic cruise ship every Friday and Saturday. When you reach Mine Bay under the moonlight, the carvings will be lit with a powerful LED torch allowing you to capture every detail.

Kayaking for nature lovers – The best activity in Maori Rocks

Kayaking in Ngatoroirangi Bay
Kayaking in Ngatoroirangi Bay

Paddle through the native shrub-covered hills, steep pumice cliffs, and hidden coves of Lake Taupo’s crystal clear waters to the rock carvings of Mine Bay. Experience a 1/2 day adventure kayaking to the impressive 14m high Maori Rock Carving at Mine Bay, Lake Taupo. There’s plenty of time to kayak to and from Carvings, photograph the stunning scenery, jump off rocks in the water, enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and cookies, and explore nearby caves. Visiting the carvings is a must-do in Taupo.

Eco-friendly yachts

Do experience on New Zealand’s only commercial electric sailboat. This is not the wrong choice when exploring Lake Taupo on a sightseeing and eco-friendly cruise. Enjoy stunning views as you cruise to discover the Māori Rock Carvings at Mine Bay. 

The unique Maori Rock carvings and exceptional sightseeing experiences when coming to Lake Taupo will be an excellent vacation for you and your family.

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