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Top 4 Natural Hot Springs In NSW That Help You Relax Your Body

A leisurely dip in one of NSW’s amazing hot springs is one of the best ways to disengage from the city and reconnect with nature. These undiscovered treasures offer the chance for the utmost in rest and relaxation, whether they are found in the Blue Mountains or out in the vastness of central NSW. So grab a pair of swimsuits and plunge into one of these natural wonders. Here are the best natural hot springs in NSW that can survive your soul, including Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool, Lightning Ridge Hot Bore Baths, Burren Junction Bore Baths, and Japanese Bath House.

Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool – Best Hot Springs In NSW You Must Go


It is simple to understand why the Kosciuszko National Park’s hot pool is a local favorite. It’s the ideal location for a peaceful, isolated getaway on a crisp winter day or for an early fall trip with plenty to discover around. The 20-meter pool is constantly kept at the ideal 27 degrees since it is filled with water from a natural hot spring. Take a short (but inclining) 700-meter walk from the nearby parking lot to get there, or take the three-kilometer River Walk. Have a post-swim meal in the nearby picnic area if the weather isn’t too chilly before visiting the nearby caverns.

Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Mountains Highway, Tumut.

Lightning Ridge Hot Bore Baths


These lovely baths, just outside the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, are surrounded by lonely bushland, are blissfully far from any traces of civilization, and are open around the clock. You can soak in the warm waters at dawn, dusk, or any other moment your little heart wishes. It’s especially advised to go for a swim at night because you can observe the amazing starry sky while floating in the 40-degree water. The baths, a well-liked gathering spot for Lightning Ridge locals, are a terrific place to learn about local customs and culture. The very best? Free admission is provided.

Lightning Ridge, Pandora Street.

Burren Junction Bore Baths


Want to turn your visit to a hot spring into a tranquil weekend (or week) away? Head to the campground and bore baths at Burren Junction with your tent packed. There are BBQ pits, filtered water, and electricity available for an additional $6 per vehicle when camping. The baths provide you the chance to spend your days and nights relaxing in the round pool’s 41.5-degree water because they are open every day from April to November. Once the stresses of the week have subsided, enjoy a meal and a beverage in town at the busy Junction City Hotel to experience life in a rural community.

You might as well stop at Pilliga, another natural bore spa, while you’re in the region. You can pitch your tent in the campground for $5 per night, and although the amenities are quite basic, it’s well worth it for the close proximity to the wonderful baths. It’s a half-hour drive from Burren Junction. A roof over the pool area, nighttime bathing illumination, and a picnic and BBQ area have all been recently added as additions. If you’d prefer to rest your newly revitalized body in a real bed, make a reservation at the Pilliga Pub, which is three kilometers from the baths.

Burren Junction, Kamilaroi Highway

Japanese Bath House – The Hot Spring in NSW Has The Best View


These tranquil spas outside of Lithgow are the ideal getaway for anyone in need of some R&R when relaxation is the goal. This charming spa house, which draws inspiration from centuries-old Japanese culture, offers indoor and outdoor onsen, massage services, traditional gardens, public baths, and lodging, all while surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Mountains.

From 300 meters below the earth, natural mineral water runs here into the above-ground serine baths. Make the most of your relaxation by staying the night in one of the Japanese-inspired rooms honoring the understated, understated beauty of the shibusa aesthetic, whether you book for a quick stopover or a full day. You can unwind without any outside distractions if you don’t bring a phone charger, as there is no wifi on the property, and service is at best poor in the neighborhood.

South Bowenfels, 259 Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive

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