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Best Province To Live In Canada 2022

If you’re looking for the best provinces to live in Canada in 2022 then this is the article for you.

Regardless of age, culture, gender, or religion, over 37 million people call Canada their home. It is a truly unique country. Canada has consistently ranked among the top migration destinations worldwide in the majority of studies and researches that have been published in recent years.

For visitors and newcomers who are interested in relocating there, there are numerous opportunities. Because it is environmentally friendly, the Maple Leaf Country attracts many immigrants, but that is only one of the many factors.

After all, the nation is renowned for its stunning flora and fauna, breathtaking scenery, safety and security assurances, stable economy, top-notch healthcare, first-rate education, and a variety of employment opportunities.

How many provinces in Canada?


There are ten provinces and three territories that make up the Canadian federation. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon make up the current provinces and territories.

A province was established by the Constitution Act of 1982, whereas a territory was established by federal law. This is the main distinction between a province and a territory in Canada. As a result, the federal government has a greater degree of direct control over the territories, while the provincial governments have a much wider range of authority and rights.

Canada’s Largest And Smallest Provinces

With 15.4% of the country’s total land area under its jurisdiction, Quebec is the largest province in the nation. Its total area is 595,442.88 square miles, with a land area of 523,603.95 square miles and a water area of 71,787.2 square miles.

The smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island covers just 0.1% of the total land area. The province spans 2185.3 square miles in total, all of which is land.

Best Canadian Province for Living and Working in 2022



The province of Ontario is where most immigrants choose to settle. Toronto, the nation’s capital and largest city, has more than 6 million residents, making it the most populous city in the entire nation. Toronto and New York are frequently contrasted because of their similarities. The economic hub of Toronto attracts numerous corporate headquarters to numerous Canadian businesses.

The province, which is regarded as Canada’s economic center, is well-known for its stunning parks, economic expansion, natural diversity, cutting-edge services, vast forests, and natural beauty. The province is home to a wide variety of cultures because it attracts residents from around the globe.

Some of the best universities in the world, including York University, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, and Queens University, are located in Ontario.



Want to dress up and experience Canadian high life the way Europeans do? If so, Quebec is among the best provinces in Canada to call home for you!

Just make sure that you are willing to learn French because that is the dominant language in this country. Apart from that, there is undoubtedly a more laid-back atmosphere here, with major cities like Montreal and Quebec having a more laid-back atmosphere.

Additionally, the area has very low crime rates and a friendlier atmosphere overall, which helps to lessen the harshness of the long winters. Quebec is the perfect destination if you really want to escape the crowds and take in nature on your own.

British Columbia


With a population of 5 million and a land area of more than 925.186 square kilometers, British Columbia is the second-largest province in Canada. The charming town of Victoria, which is home to many winter sports, horse-drawn carriage rides, and other attractions, serves as British Columbia’s capital.

The biggest city is Vancouver, which is lively and multicultural. It has some of the most breathtaking views and is situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Numerous lists of the best cities to live in include Vancouver.

The province has a high standard of living, a diverse population, first-rate healthcare, and a rich cultural heritage. In addition to being safe, there are numerous educational and employment opportunities in the fields of forestry, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture.

The high cost of living in British Columbia is one of its drawbacks.

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The three prairie provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are located in the center of Canada. They are all renowned for being extremely flat and for having a thriving farming community with a more laid-back way of life.

Consequently, the Prairie provinces are the place to be if you like rodeos, harvest festivals, locally grown food, and live music.

However, due to its affordability, low crime rate, and more laid-back lifestyle, Alberta is probably the best place to live. However, Calgary is the place to go in Alberta if you want a more global lifestyle.

Just be aware that most employment opportunities outside of these two major cities are restricted to manual labor positions in the oil and gas, mining, and agricultural industries. Therefore, despite the friendly and helpful local communities, these jobs typically do not pay well.

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Friendly, secure, and clean towns that provide an enriching lifestyle are abundant in Manitoba. It’s one of many places in Canada with a natural beauty that is also very reasonably priced.

There are plenty of employment options, excellent schools, and universities that provide quality healthcare and education.

Due to the abundance of nearby lakes, the province is frequently referred to as the land of the lakes. Housing, taxes, utilities, and insurance are just a few of the costs that can run as high as $25,000.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a quiet province on Canada’s east coast that boasts a clean environment, affordable housing, low crime rates, low cost of living, and a ton of peace and quiet.

Additionally, Nova Scotia is a great choice if you’re looking to retire or have the ability to work remotely, even though the majority of employment options are restricted to activities like fishing, hunting, and trawling.

So if you don’t want a super-refined life, don’t mind some brutal winters, and don’t want to live in a huge city, it’s perfect.

Today, the majority of Nova Scotians opt to live in Halifax. After all, it’s the provincial capital and is renowned for having a laid-back atmosphere that enables you to slow down and reestablish contact with both nature and other people.

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What is the best province in Canada for expats?

The best province in Canada to live abroad is Ontario. Toronto has a diverse population despite being the second most expensive city in Canada.

The record-low unemployment rate in Canada is good news for foreign nationals. Toronto is the place to be if your professional interests are in technology, design, marketing, human resources, and administration.

Which province is the richest in Canada?


With a gross domestic product of C$80,905 per person, Alberta is one of the richest provinces in the nation. Of the three Prairie Provinces, it has the most residents. Although Calgary is the largest city in the province, Edmonton serves as its capital. It serves as the primary hub for oil sands supply and services. It is also regarded as a significant distribution and transportation hub. There is a sizable tourism industry there as well.

Which Canadian provinces are the cheapest?

Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are the provinces on our list that are most affordable for immigrants to live in. There are several different responses to this question, but many of them neglect to take into account how difficult it can be for immigrants to find work.

What is the safest province to live in Canada?

Canada has incredibly low crime rates in comparison to its neighbors and the majority of the world. No matter where you live, there will undoubtedly be some criminals, but that is an unfortunate fact of life in the modern world.

Canada’s safest provinces are Ontario and Quebec. Both provinces have secure communities with low levels of crime, unemployment, and income inequality.

What is the coldest province in Canada?

The extreme coldest region in Canada, on average, is Nunavut. The coldest location is Eureka, Nunavut, with an average annual temperature of 3.5 °F or -19.7 °C. Yes, the temperature there usually stays below zero!

There are the best provinces to live in Canada in 2022! What is your favorite province?

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