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Top 15 Most Craziest Town Names Across Canada

There are some amusing city names in Canada. I recently learned that Canada has by far the weirdest town and city names in the entire world while participating in a discussion about funny city names from around the globe.

Despite having unusual names, they all have fascinating histories. These towns have some of the most unusual names in Canada, from Come By Chance on the coast of Newfoundland to Destruction Bay in the snowy mountains of Yukon. Beyond their amusing names, these towns provide visitors with unique experiences and a charm that is absent from major Canadian cities.

Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha!, Quebec


The name Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! has a positive connotation, similar to phrases like “Hakuna Matata!” or “C’est la vie.”

Some people think that the exclamatory part of the town’s name comes from the noise that visitors would make when they first saw the valley’s sparkling lake: ha! ha! Others claim that the term “haha” was once used to refer to cul-de-sacs, possibly in reference to Lake Témiscouata’s role as a roadblock. In any case, this amusing Canadian town name has made tourists smile for decades.

Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! is located close to Montreal, New Brunswick, Quebec City, and Maine in the United States. Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! is more than just its name; it is also home to places of interest like Aster, the neighborhood observatory, the Celestial Gardens of Témiscouata, and Lac Dôle.

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, is one of the funny Canadian town names


Salmon Arm actually refers to the enormous concentration of salmon that was once found in the southwest arm of British Columbia’s Shuswap Lake. The imagery is surreal, like something out of a strange dream. The city may no longer be known for its abundance of salmon, but it does now boast the largest treble clef in the world (standing more than 13 meters tall)!

High Level, Alberta

High Level in northern Alberta welcomes visitors to explore its charming town in Canada. It is located about 800 km from Edmonton. Hotels and shopping malls can be found in High Level. Additionally, there are hiking trails near High Level and the Mackenzie Crossroads Museum & Visitors Center for visitors to enjoy.

Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario


Despite sounding like the name of a punk band, Punkeydoodles Corners is the name of a peaceful village in Ontario. Punkeydoodles Corners does not have a lot to offer visitors. Drivers may notice something unique about the village, though, which is the absence of any signs. This is due to the fact that whenever a new sign was put up, the village would frequently experience sign theft. The locals have since given up posting signs due to this peculiar phenomenon. Punkeydoodles Corners, which is located along Punkeydoodles Avenue, is accessible to motorists traveling between Kitchener and Stratford (which was named after Shakespeare’s town of Stratford-Upon-Avon!).

Wawa, Ontario, funny Canadian town names

is derived from the Ojibwe word “wewe,” which means wild goose. Why visit Wa Wa? It has a Canada Goose statue that is 28 feet tall! Additionally, it is close to Lake Superior Provincial Park, the largest freshwater lake in the world (by surface area), which is situated in stunning Northern Ontario. 3rd in terms of volume)

Dead Man’s Flats, Alberta


This striking name has at least two possible sources for its inspiration. A murder that occurred in 1904 at a dairy farm along the Bow River is one theory. Others contend that the name derives from a Nakoda man who, while beaver hunting nearby, pretended to be dead in order to avoid being discovered. The neighborhood is now well-known for its trout fishing and is close to Banff National Park.

Come By Chance, Labrador and Newfoundland

Visitors who stumble upon Come By Chance while exploring Newfoundland won’t be let down. This small rural community has a beautiful view of Placentia Bay and is home to an estuary known only to locals as The Gut. The Isthmus of Avalon, a hiking trail, is also accessible from the town. Hikers can traverse the pine forest on this trail, which looks out over the nearby river.

Eyebrow, Saskatchewan, funny Canadian town names

According to legend, this community was named after a nearby hill that was shaped like a parabola, or, if you’re more creative, an eyebrow. Eyebrow, a little town on the prairies with just over 100 residents centered around a towering grain elevator, calls itself the “perfect little town.”

Love, Saskatchewan


The name of this funny town in Canada, Love, is actually derived from Tom Love, the conductor of the first train to pass through these parts, contrary to popular belief, which would have you believe that young people used to stroll through the streets of Love holding hands. Couples planning weddings frequently travel to the village because of its distinctive postmark of a teddy bear clutching a heart. In fact, the town is currently raising money to construct a nearby wedding chapel to meet demand.

Forget, Saskatchewan, funny Canadian town names

This Saskatchewan village was named for Amedee-Emmanuel Forget, a former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, which is not as amusing as people think it is. There are only 48 residents in this tiny village, and they all know one another by name. Take enough people to the middle of nowhere and it becomes somewhere, according to the residents of Forget, who have built a close-knit and content village in spite of their small population. On their way to other distinctive sites throughout Saskatchewan, visitors should stop in Forget, especially at their neighborhood restaurant, the Happy Nun Cafe.

Blow Me Down, Newfoundland

Camping in this beautiful provincial park is a relaxing activity. You can also take advantage of the park’s hiking trails, which provide breathtaking views of Lark Harbour.

Pink Mountain, British Columbia


For those who enjoy the outdoors, Pink Mountain, British Columbia, is the ideal vacation spot. This charming town in Canada is close to Pink Mountain Provincial Park, which is well-known for its stunning mountain views and opportunity to see bison and arctic butterflies in their natural habitats. Pink Mountain offers peace, solitude, and nature that visitors who love the enchanted forests of British Columbia’s Revelstoke will undoubtedly appreciate.

Tiny, Ontario

As opposed to what you might think, Tiny is named after a pet dog that belonged to Lady Sarah Maitland, who was married to an Upper Canadian Lieutenant Governor in the nineteenth century. The towns of Tay and Flos, which now make up the Springwater Township, were also named after Lady Sarah’s puppies, indicating that she was a big fan of them.

Goobies – Newfoundland

The Canadian province of Newfoundland continues to support the towns with amusing names. Although there are only 150 people living in Goobies, houses there are selling for $230,000. That deal may cause it to expand soon! Plus, Come by Chance isn’t too far away.

Cheddar, Ontario, funny Canadian town names

This abandoned town in Haliburton County, Ontario, was named after a village in England but was actually founded on mining rather than cheese making. Cheddar became deserted after its prime in the 1930s and 1940s as Haliburton became a well-liked vacation spot and the roads started to bypass Cheddar. With the exception of one lonely boarding house, it has now almost been consumed by the forest that surrounds it.

The smallest Canadian town is Tilt Cove.


Tilt Cove in Newfoundland and Labrador is the smallest town in Canada. Only 5 people are living in the tiny town ( 2021 ). Even though its heyday as a center of copper mining is long gone, the locals adore it for its serene beauty.

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